How to Travel Between the Hawaiian Islands?

By on August 29, 2013

Travel Between the Hawaiian IslandsTravel between the Hawaiian Islands is something, which is challenging as it is a combination of long distances between the islands and highly rough ocean passages – certainly, some of the roughest throughout the world.

In the past, Polynesians traveled between the Hawaiian Islands through trekking canoes using spiritual navigation. Nowadays travel between the Hawaiian Islands is very different and the modern traveler has different, but very limited options.

Here are the several ways to travel between the Hawaiian islands:

Cruising: You will find cruises to travel between the Hawaiian Islands. Large cruises like Norwegain cruise offers seven day travel between the islands and it has stops at Maui, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii.

Once you leave the port in Kona, travelers can see the spectacular view of flowing lava down the pali during the night after making the turnaround south point. The heavy vessels look like floating cities that have overabundance of enjoyment on the boards.

Travelers who are traveling through cruise also have lot of shore time to explore on these islands.

Air travel: It is the most popular method of travel between the Hawaiian islands. Most of the flights go through Honolulu Airport. To buy the air tickets in best price, you can visit each airline specific website.

Usually there are 2 ferries for inter-island travel, one from Maui to Lanai and the other from Maui to Molokai.

Some of the local airlines include: Hawaiian airlines, Island air, Mokulele airlines, and pacific wings and the ferries like Maui-Lanai Expeditions and Maui-molokai Ferry. Whatever the airline you choose, flying between the islands can save you lot of time.

Boating: Though boating is a fun activity for everyone, it is dangerous to travel by small boats in the Hawaiian waters. The path between Oahu and Maui/Molokai can get pretty treacherous.

Here are few things to do when you travel between the Hawaiian islands:

Explore the food at Hawaii: Here you will find several options that make your dining in Hawaii at reasonable expense.

Explore Hawaii beaches: Beaches are the first thing that cone in our mind when people talk about travel to Hawaii islands.

Explore the culture: If you get the chance for Hawaii travel, don’t miss a night of traditional Hawaiian food, music and the hula performances, which will be the best memories of your trip.

Hawaii’s environment: The natural beauty of Hawaii’s flimsy environment derives from its topographical isolation from the other ecosystems. Growing plants and lot of wildlife could be the great resembles to Hawaii’s environment.

Staying in Hawaii: It is easy to find accommodations in Hawaii. You can choose from an array of historic hotels, luxury resorts, vacation rentals, etc.

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