Hiking Gear Essentials You Will Be Needing

By on September 6, 2014

If you are looking for something that is adventurous, then hiking is something that you should seriously try.

Hiking Gear EssentialsHiking is fun, but it is important that you carry essential hiking gears with you, especially when you are exploring a new hiking trail.

Apart from the regular hiking gear essentials like water, food and clothes that you would need to wear, there are also a few more things that you need to carry and they are:

Map and Compass

These two are the most important things that you should always carry, even if you have been to that trail more than 10 times as there is always a possibility of getting lost.

Moreover, sudden, unexpected events like bad weather, injuries and wild animals might require you to change the route.


No matter what time you start your hike and what time you expect to finish it, keeping a flashlight is really important as any sudden event force you to stay at night. LED flashlights are inexpensive, small and very bright and it is best to get one of these.

Rain Gear and Clothes

Next in the list of Hiking gear essentials come is rain gear and clothes. A plastic poncho is enough to protect you from a passing thunderstorm. If you hike during summers at lower elevations, then maybe this is all that you need.

But if you hike high up in the mountains, then the rain might seem like ice hitting you and hence, it is important that you carry a good raincoat that has a hood along with a rain pants. Also carry extra clothes so that you can stay warm when the temperature drops.

Insect Protection

Mosquito, ticks and even leeches can attack you when you go out into the forest and hence, it is important.

Other Items

The essential hiking gear list can be really long and there are many other things that you need to fit in your backpack like hiking pole, sunscreens and sunglasses, matches, knife trash bag and many such things.

Make sure of carrying enough water as it is important to stay hydrated while hiking. [Best Hikes In Europe]

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