Helpful Travel Tips to Dominican Republic

By on October 10, 2013

Travel Tips to Dominican RepublicThe Dominican Republic has a warm weather throughout the year. It is an affordable tropical destination.

Not only it offers wonderful beach resorts, but also it is one of the geographically diverse Caribbean Countries. Here you can watch stunning mountain scenery, desert scrublands, evocative colonial architecture and also warm welcoming people.

Travel tips to Dominican Republic – When to travel

The best time to visit Dominican Republic is during winter season which is between November and April. There are three main seasons which comes to consideration to visit Dominican Republic. They are

  1. Low season: May to august
  2. High season: January to April
  3. Shoulder season: September to December

The pleasant warm climate of Dominican Republic is because of its location close to equator. Hurricane season runs from July to September. Dominican Republic may not be affected by storms longer than 24hrs.

Travel tips to Dominican Republic – How to Travel

There are several means of transport to travel or get in Dominican Republic. One can go by car, boat and plane.

By Road: Though the land is large Dominican Republic’s only land border is Haiti. Four borders exist such as one between Pedernals and Anse-a-pitres, another west near Elias Pina, another one near Jimani and the other border crossing Dajabon and Quanaminthe. Some of the border’s opened between 8AM-6PM.

By plane: there are many airports in Dominican Republic. One can get flights from Europe via Madrid, Munich and Paris. From US, you could fly from Miami, New York, San Juan etc. Most Canadian and European cities have flight connections that operate seasonally.

By boat: Ferry travels between Mayaguez and Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic takes journey of 12hrs every alternate day.

Travel tips to Dominican Republic – What to visit

Northern coast diving: Experience the scuba diving in warm Caribbean waters of Dominican Republic. Add scuba diving adventure to your dive vacation.

Damajaqua cascades: The Damajaqua cascades are meant for waterfalls. Enjoy the beautiful cascades by hiking up the mountain about an hour till you reach the falls. The water is clear and neat but during rainy season it’s a bit murky.

Bavaro beach: it’s the most beautiful and awesome beach in Dominican Republic. Don’t miss to watch and enjoy it.

Safety and Security Travel tips to Dominican Republic

Traveling to Dominican Republic is safe and secure. Just take the same precautions that you will take for others. Don’t carry huge amounts of cash, walking down the streets with expensive jewelry.

Health Travel tips to Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is the most loved and famous destination all over the world for vacationers. Just be aware of health risks while visiting Dominican Republic. Its tropical climate keeps you away from experiencing health issues.

While traveling in Dominican Republic consumption of non-purified water, insect bites and continuous exposure to sun puts you in trouble. Before you visit to Dominican Republic just make your doctors consultation and get medications for vaccine preventable diseases and some other types of diseases.

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