Five Things Not To Do In New York City

By on March 14, 2015

If you want to enjoy a fun-filled and entertaining trip to New York then it is important for you to get some travel advice so that you can avoid doing the things not to do in New York.

New York is filled with a number of iconic attractions but there are a lot of things not to do in New York. You should skip crowded tourist traps, unauthentic experiences and overhyped eateries.

Things Not To Do In New York

Here is the list of things not to do in New York City as a tourist.

Things Not To Do In New York

Do Not Take A Pedi Cab

If you wait at the Herald Square or the Times Square you are sure to get robbed off your wallet by a pedal pusher. Also try skipping the taxis because they are too expensive. Instead try taking the subways as they are very safe.

Do Not Hesitate In Asking For Directions

People in New York are very friendly although they do not make eye contact while they walk around on the streets. If you tend to be confused or lost in the city then you must not hesitate in asking for directions because people in the city are more than happy to lend a helping hand to every visitor.

Do Not Dress Up Like a Tourist

If you dress like a tourist in New York then you must expect to be treated like a tourist. Try packing smart and simple clothes on a trip to New York as these will help you in feeling like a New Yorker within a very short span of time. Avoid using socks with sandals, white sneakers and sweat pants.

Do Not Waste Your Time at Times Square

It is not that you should not visit Times Square but you must make it a point not to waste your time at this place. The place is a worth a visit only once in a lifetime and try to avoid it as much as possible when in New York. Visit this place, take some pictures, enjoy shopping and leave the place within ten minutes.

Do Not Take a Horse Carriage Ride

It is not fun to have horses sharing territory with zooming cyclists, gregarious pedestrians and honking cars. Horse carriage rides should be avoided when in New York because they do not offer any scopes of fun and entertainment.

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