5 Best Family Christmas Vacation Destinations for 2013

By on November 29, 2013

Everyone likes to enjoy their holiday travel and to explore the new places. What’s the better time than taking a vacation during Christmas season?

People around the world celebrate Christmas in different traditional ways. Have a look at few of the places around the world which are good to be while Christmas is celebrated.

1. Quebec City

Located in Canada, it’s one of the most beautifully decorated spots for the Christmas season. The old city is the main attraction, which has European flavor with French as its main language.

Family Christmas Vacation Destinations - Quebec City

The snow fall is Whirling and streets are decorated in-line with the whitish snow fall, Christmas carols, fine music and lights allover the city makes one unique experience.

Christmas market is special where you can find lots of food varieties and also more than 1000 different products for sale.

2. London

London is one of the top cities in the world, it has fabulous look during the Christmas season, the streets gets brighten and colorful with lights all over. This time of the year, it would be cold and famous for ice-skating.

Family Christmas Vacation Destinations - London

Markets are set up across Hyde Park & River Thames for wonderful shopping freaks and the traditional songs and carols of Christ. Santa grottos are present all over.

3. Switzerland

During Christmas, most parts of the country experience snow, especially the villages at high altitudes. Most of the Swiss cities have Christmas markets for Shopping, food and drinks.

Family Christmas Vacation Destinations - Switzerland

Swiss chocolates specially made for Christmas occasion are really tasty and worth buying. Cities like Lucerne or Zurich are specially decorated for this and festival week starts from Dec 24thtill 2ndof January every year.

4. New York City

The most happening city in the world has special attention to Christmas vacation. The festive mood starts from Thanksgiving to the New Year party celebrations.

Family Christmas Vacation Destinations - New York City

During this time, lots of shopping offers, feasts, and shows are lined up to entertain locals as well as tourists. City is superbly decorated with different themes every year.

5. Brazil

It’s one of the exotic places to spend vacation in every season and it would be even more spectacular to witness Christmas in Brazil, lots of events/shows, food and wine are available.

Family Christmas Vacation Destinations - Brazil

Beaches are the most crowded places and you would have most of the shows performed beside beach coasts. Also it’s fun to be in the green side by exploring the woods around.

Apart from the above there are few other cities which are equally good to pay a visit, few of them are Sydney, Munich, Vancouver, New Zealand etc.

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