Explore These 5 Best Dubai Beach Resort Hotels

By on April 25, 2014

Basically Dubai hotels are classified based on beach, desert and city. People traveling to this fastest growing place in the world will find many options, which we might have never experience.

But if you are someone looking for most luxurious hotels or resorts along beach side, the following are the best resorts to pick up. Check out this list of best Dubai beach resort hotels.

Burj Al Arab:

Dubai Beach Resort Hotels - Burj Al Arab

This is the all-suit luxury hotel that has got international attention and is one of the most popular luxurious hotel around the globe. It is voted as most picturesque and photographed structures around the world.

Its construction resembles the billowing sail dominating Dubai skyline and mounts to a height of 321 meters. In this resort, you are treated with excellent in personal service while your stay. Have a wonderful experience at Burj Al Arab.

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