Europe Travel Destinations for Christmas

By on December 3, 2013

If you are a travel freak and want to witness Christmas in Europe then here are few of the places which you need to step in.

Christmas is celebrated all over the world but some places has specialty, like European countries including Austria and Germany started the culture of Christmas Markets in the year 1294 and slowly it has spread across the World.

Here we are presenting some of the wonderful places in Europe for you to head in Christmas season.


Christmas season in Austria is special. It starts from last week of November to December end of the year. There will be different markets up for sale and very are well decorated to attract tourist attention.

Europe Travel Destinations for Christmas - Austria

Few of the markets famous for shopping are Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Linz and Salzburg. These markets are famous for gingerbread, wines like Gluhwein, Christmas decoration items and many more. It is also worth to visit local Museums to witness spectacular architectures of the country and its tradition.


If you are looking for romantic Christmas setup, Germany is the best spot. Almost all major cities are illuminated with thousands of lights and other decoration items.

Europe Travel Destinations for Christmas - Germany

Almost every home will put up the traditional X-mass tree with fine decoration over it. The X-mass trees concept was first started in Germany. The scent of gingerbread all over the markets and houses makes it even sweeter destination.


The Traditional Santa comes from Finland, and is called the home of Santa. Christmas is so special in this part of the world, as it’s mostly dark in the entire season with stars shining in the sky with beautiful drive ways lit by cozy lanterns.

Europe Travel Destinations for Christmas - Finland

Christmas is celebrated with Santa by visiting the houses across and offering gifts to everyone especially for kids. Christmas carols and songs over the night by teams is the special attraction.

Famous food at this season is the roasted pork, fish and rice pudding. Markets in Turku, called as Christmas City are famous for its traditional Christmas events.


Italy is famous for tourism not only with the Europe but also people across UK travel for Christmas. The markets here are not as large as Germany but they do have their values and flavors.

Europe Travel Destinations for Christmas - Italy

Italian special Pizzas with beautifully stuffed once and variety of pasta’s are highlights. If you are so found of food then Italy is the best place to be with delicious, mouthwatering traditional food experience.


Belgium is famous for its festive season i.e. in Christmas, It has got the fairytale decorative look up and the city of Brussels is called “winter Wonderland” with fabulous decoration, and snow fall on top of it makes it much memorable experience.

Europe Travel Destinations for Christmas - Belgium

Few of the events which you would enjoy are the traditional Christmas markets, Skating rink and some of the street activities and shows.

Almost all the places are really wonderful experiences, with flavor of their won tradition and customs.

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