Essential Business Trip Packing List For Hassle Free Trip

By on August 16, 2014

Business trip is different from leisure trip. So is the business trip packing list different to leisure trip packing list. There is need to pack the luggage strategically to avoid time waste, and even to have a hassle free business travel.

Business travel means, people often keep it less and simple i.e. just include things that are necessary during business trip. So, let us have a look the essential things that you should forget to include in business trip packing list.

Things to Include in Business Trip Packing List

Business Trip Packing List

  • Travel Documents: These are the first things that you need to check whether you have included or not. Travel documents include confirmed travel tickets, passport, travel visa, your travel itinerary, travel insurance, details of person whom you are meeting maps, etc.
  • Travel Money: Of course, you cannot eliminate this from your check list. Make sure carry money cards i.e. credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cash cards. Ensure to keep some small amounts of country’s currency you are visiting; it would helpful upon reaching destination.
  • Business Cards: This is most obvious thing, you need to include in your business trip packing list. Business trip means you will for sure meet many new faces and you should not be out of your business cards. So, make sure to carry some extra cards than you carry regular.
  • Medical List: Check whether you have included all your health related things such as medical card, necessary medicines and its list, medical prescription given by your doctor, and first aid kit.
  • Clothes: As you are business trip, you would like to keep your luggage as low as possible. So, depending upon the length of the trip, include complete business attire, casual dresses that can be of use after business hours, under garments, socks, good shoes, etc.
  • Necessary Gadgets: Don’t forget to include the necessary electronics, and gadgets in business trip packing list. Include gadgets like Laptop and its charger, Mobile phone and its charger, USB flash drive, plug converters and plug adapters in case there is change of electrical standards, personal music player, headphones, etc.
  • Toiletry Kit: It is quite common that we forget carry our toiletry kit during journeys. Ensure not to forget it, and include all necessary toiletry items, comb and a small mirror, shaving equipment (for men), necessary cosmetics (for women), nail cutters, breath mints, anti-bacterial gel, sunscreen lotions, etc.
  • Other Items: Apart from regular items, you will also be need to include some other items in your packing list for business trip. These items includes like pen, pencil, writing pad, sleeping masks, scissors, sewing kits, extra batteries, small flash light, insect repellent, etc.

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