How To Beat Sea Sickness? Here Are Some Effective Tips

By on May 29, 2015

Looking for the ways on how to beat sea sickness? Remember one thing; almost anything that moves tends to make some people sick. Traveling always involves the use of locomotion and if it is a cruise then there are a lot of people who feel sea-sick.

If you are bent on having the best time of your life cruising then there are some important tips that you should know on how to beat sea sickness.

Tips For How To Beat Sea Sickness

Here are some tips for how to beat sea sickness, which you can use for treating:

How To Beat Sea Sickness

Take Medications

This comes as one of the best options to beat sea sickness. Sea sickness can be dealt with by the use of different medicines readily available in the market.

The best medicine that can be used for treating sea sickness is scopolamine. It is basically a prescription medicine but it can also be obtained over-the-counter.

Look Up

Sensory mismatch is something that causes sea sickness. Sitting on a boat for a long span of time causes the eyes, inner ears and the body to send completely different signals to brain.

The brain gets confused and this is the reason why an individual starts getting queasy. One can avoid this condition by looking up or by trying to look out at the horizon as it appear stable.

Have Coke

It is best to take coke when feeling nauseous at sea. Coke contains sugars and phosphoric acid, the ingredients found in the popular anti-nausea drug called Emetrol.

Do Not Read While On Board

Reading means you will have to remain focused on a stationary thing which will make the middle ears sensitive resulting in uneasiness.

Try To Eat Something

If there is food in your stomach then there are fewer chances that you will feel sea sick. Try having bagels, pancakes or bread in place of bacon and eggs. Do not take orange juice or coffee because they are acidic and they can irritate the stomach.

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