Effective Remedies For Motion Sickness On Plane

By on October 24, 2015

If traveling by plane makes you a little queasy, there is good news for you. There are a number of steps that you can easily take to overcome Motion Sickness on Plane before it even starts.

Another good thing is that by following the steps that have been mentioned here, you will actually be able to conquer your motion sickness in the best way possible.

Motion sickness is generally the cause of incongruence in the sensory system of the body. The brain gets confused due to the lack of synchronicity resulting in different symptoms like headache, dizziness, salivation, nausea, belching, sweating and vomiting.

Motion Sickness On Plane

Remedies For Motion Sickness On Plane

Medications can surely help in relieving this condition but it is always important to follow some effective tips for Motion Sickness on Plane. They are as follows:

Try Taking Control Of The Entire Situation

When flying on a plane, you must engage yourself in conversations and distractions as these help in alleviating the anxiety and stress of not being in complete control of the entire situation. You must avoid reading as this makes you more focused to the movement of the plane.

Do Not Take Food

You must take care of your intake of drinks, foods and alcohol as well. You must keep your consumption in check both during and before travel. It is important for you to avoid the excessive intake of alcohol, foods and liquids that make you feel full.

Get Into Perfect Position

Try choosing seats where it will not be possible for you to experience a lot of motion. You must do this in advance especially when it comes to booking flight tickets. When flying on a plane, the middle of the airplane right above the wing would be the best place for you.

Watch The Seat Directions

If you suffer from motion sickness then make it a point not to get seats that face you backwards from the direction of travel.

Make Use Of The Fan Right Above Your Seat

You must try and make the best use of the fan located right above your seat in an airplane. Make sure that it blows directly onto the face as this helps in increasing the flow of air around you which helps you in keeping cool in the stuffy airplane.

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