Czech Republic: Must See Places to Visit

By on December 13, 2013

Eastern Europe is becoming more famous and most stunning for tourists to travel. The Czech Republic is the ultimate European destination that is blessed with historic sites and most iconic sites.

Czech Republic has got numerous attractions which are worth to visit. So, where should you visit when you are in Czech Republic? Here are some most popular must see places.


Prague is the most beautiful, modern and capital city of Czech Republic. It has its unique atmosphere and charm that lure tourists to visit this amazing city. It is fourteenth largest city in European Union.

Czech Republic Places to Visit - Prague

Prague Castle, Old town square, Petrin hill, Charles Bridge are some of the main attractions in Prague. It is also famous with its strong Jewish heritage.

Bohemian Villages

Bohemian is the must see destination where you can find 24 farm houses featuring stunning Baroque architecture and lovely gardens. If you are a good sea-food eater, then this is the perfect place to be.

Czech Republic Places to Visit - Bohemian Villages

It is home to several historic constructions and various festivals including Festival of Five-Prattled Rose and International Music Festival.

Southern Moravia

It is located in southwest part of Czech Republic. If you are interested in wine then it is the place to be visited.

Czech Republic Places to Visit - Southern Moravia

It is also famous for nature reserve, Palava and cultural landscape of Baroque estates. This is declared as UNESCO World Heritage site.

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov is reputed for its architectural heritage that still reflects the medieval period. Castle is the main highlight of the city. It is the best place to experience and enjoy traditional Czech festival.

Czech Republic Places to Visit - Cesky Krumlov

It celebrates many festivals during summer that makes vacationers to immerse in the local culture and gets mingle with natives.


Czech Republic Places to Visit - Plzen

Plzen is known as capital of beer culture and is Czech national drink. You can get 500 different varieties of beer and you will be surprised b knowing that it is the birth place for Pilsner beer. It is the city built at junction of four rivers; hence you can find a lot to do outdoor activities.

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