Camping and Kayaking in Antarctica

By on November 11, 2013

Love camping in new, exciting places? Here is a camping adventure for those who want an unforgettable camping adventure in Antarctica.

When you take an Antarctica cruise, you not only can explore the “White Continent” from the cruise ship and by hiking over the ice, but you can also go kayaking and spend the night camping on Antarctica! Read on to find out more about camping and kayaking in Antarctica.

Camping in Antarctica

If you’re thirsting for adventure, you can plumb the depths of the Antarctica peninsula on a camping and kayaking adventure. During an Antarctica cruise, your ship will cross the Drake Passage and land on Anvers Island. Palmers Station, the US Research Station, is located on Anvers Island.

Then land on the tip of the Antarctica Peninsula, where you’ll set foot on the world’s 7th continent. You’ll see icebergs as your ship passes the Melchiors, Wilhelmina Bay, Cuverville Island and OrneHarbour. You may spot penguins, humpback whales, and seals along the way.

Camping in Antarctica is an unforgettable experience. You don’t need to have any experience camping, because you will have highly-trained guides with you every step of the way. Plus, the Antarctica cruise companies supply all the gear you’ll need – all top-quality equipment designed for polar environments.

The tents, for example, are designed by REI for sub-zero temperatures. While camping, the sun never sets (since you’re near the south pole, during the summer months of November – March), so be prepared to have some trouble sleeping. You may want to bring an eye-mask to block out the light!

Kayaking in Antarctica

You can also go kayaking in the Antarctica sea. In a double-kayak with a specially-trained guide, you’ll enjoy sea-level exploration around the icy waters. You might spot Weddell seals bobbing in and out of the water, and you can see icebergs “calving” – the process in which ice chunks break off and fall into the water.

Along with a small pod of paddlers, you’ll be able to see, hear, and feel Antarctica and its immense beauty. It’s an incredible experience, but you should beware that kayaking can be very cold and somewhat precarious. If you are interested, you should have some basic knowledge of kayaking, including a “wet exit” and how to use a “spray skirt.”

Note that there are only a limited amount of spaces for each activity, so if you want to go camping or kayaking (or both!) while on your Antarctica cruise, make sure to book those activities in advance.

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