5 Best Campgrounds of Glacier National Park

By on February 11, 2014

Glacier National Park is one of the most treasured national parks today. It has about 1000 campsites that are spread among 13 campgrounds.

Enjoy the sizzling experience under the campfire and sleep as well under the stars in Glacier National Park with different campgrounds. Camping in the picturesque park will be invigorating and restful. Have a look at some of the striking campgrounds of Glacier National Park!

1. Quartz Creek Campground

Glacier National Park Campgrounds - Quartz Creek

Quartz Creek campground is a smallest campground and is considered as primitive in Glacier National Park. It is nestled on banks of sparkling Kenai Lake.

This is the best place to cool off on a hot sunny day. Enjoy the awesome fly-fishing and horse stable for a scenic ride at the creek.

2. Avalanche Campground

Glacier National Park Campgrounds - Avalanche Campground

This amazing campground is located in one of the popular sections of Glacier National Park of Continental divide. It accommodates RV campers and tents and equipped with restroom facilities, and portable water.

It offers vacationers glimpses of birds, spectacular scenery and wildlife. Plant lovers appreciate the varied species of flora.

3. Logging Creek Campground

Glacier National Park Campgrounds - Logging Creek

This is one of the smaller campgrounds in the picturesque park settled on west side of park. Campers will enjoy the small primitive campground providing all the solitude one could desire.

The trail head to logging lake is easy and nearby hike can be a great family day hike. At the far end of campground, one could easily access the creek that is well suited for children and adults as well.

4. Kintla Lake

Glacier National Park Campgrounds - Kintla Lake

Kintla Lake is most remote front country as well as car camping campground situated in northwest section of park called as North Fork. Though the drive is bumpy and very slow, the drive can be pleasant. Kayaking, fishing and canoeing are ideal on the lake.

5. Sprague Creek Campground

Glacier National Park Campgrounds - Sprague Creek

This is the most sought after campground in the park as it is located on McDonald Lake. This campground is busy going and fills up very fast hence if you want a site; try to get there before 10 am during summer days.

It is perfect for day use making this a cool challenging spot to drive. Heading to McDonald Lake and Sun Road makes it even more appealing.

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