Business Class vs First Class – The Differences

By on August 24, 2013

Business Class vs First ClassNext time before you are going to book your flight, it is very important to understand the main difference between business class vs first class.

Amenities between these two classes can vary, based on the airline provider, so a little research before booking ticket will save your money and time.

Seats in Business Class Vs First Class:

The main advantage of the business class seats is they have ample leg space and are very comfortable. Usually there are three types of seats in business class: cradle seats, angled seats and lay flat bed.

In business class you can find more comfort, space and luxury compared to first class. Seats in business class may vary from domestic flight to international flight. Domestic flights business class seats are a little roomier.

On the plane, first class has the best seats. Generally first-class seats are lie-flat beds and you can get comfortable sleeping bed in a touch of button.


If we compare food in business class vs first class, food that is served in the business class is much better than the first class. Typically 3 to 4 courses of meals can be offered in the business class including wine. Some flights also offer free drinks.

First class passengers can also get complimentary beer, cocktails, champagne and wine. Usually first class passengers have a choice of entrée with soup along with the unlimited drinks.

Ticket Prices:

Comparing the tickets of business class vs first class, they may vary greatly and are little bit expensive than normal tickets. But price of tickets may vary from one airline provider to another. It is wise to discuss with the airline provider to know the prices.


If you are traveling in business class, then you will experience stress free check in as there is individual check-in space or at least there is a separate row allotted for business travelers. You can have separate lounges and some business services, nap rooms, internet and also some offer showers. All these can come with business class ticket.

Usually first class flyers boarded first. Many airports have separate security lines for first class passengers. Flyers of first class can get more personal service. You can receive best service in the lounges and on the plane.


When speaking to entertainment of business class vs first class, there is a big difference. Business class provides seats with TV screens. You have a choice of TV programs and movies. You can also request for a DVD player.

First class cabin also have flat screen TV sets and also personal video or audio systems, which feature hundreds of songs and many videos. You can also connect your laptop and access internet.

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