Best Things to Do Seychelles – Well known For White Sandy Beaches

By on October 4, 2013

Things to Do SeychellesSeychelles, the nation of islands is located in Indian Ocean close to East Africa and hence it’s under African continent.

It has around 144 spectacular white sand & blue water beaches. It’s one of the world’s most famous holiday places round the year, Because of its climatic condition, it is always a favorable spot for touring throughout the to relax and enjoy the natural beauty.

History of Seychelles:

It has mixed culture of people around the world. It was under British till 1977. It’s the capital city is Victoria, which is situated in one of the famous islands called Mahe. Victoria is the largest city of Seychelles.

Here are the top things to do Seychelles:

Visit famous Islands of Seychelles

One of the best things to do Seychelles is to visit the Islands here. There are around 114 islands in Seychelles, of which few of them are fantastic to pay a visit. Few of the famous islands are Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, Sainte Anne, Frigate, Cousin and SilhouetteIsland.

Enjoy at the famous Beaches

Visit and enjoying at the beaches is another one of the best things to do Seychelles. The finest beaches in here would be Anse Major, which is on Mahe Island. This is a fabulous beach with white sand covered with blue ocean clearwater.

Also here the rocks are shaped smooth and beautiful to watch. If you like to see the ocean world this is the best place for snorkeling.

If you are interested in hiking and sport activities, then you can choose Mahe Island for their lush green mountain range which stretches from north to south across the island. One of the best views to the Indian Ocean would be from Morne Blanc Mountain. Mahe alone has more than 70 beaches which are mostly vacant and deserted.

After Mahe, another best things to do Seychelles is visiting Praslin Island is famous for tourism. It’s known for its beaches with soft white sand clear water. Anse Lazio is the best beach in the world, enriched with the nature with lush green palm trees and perfect tropical atmosphere. This beach is best for viewing sunset on the north-west corner.

Anse Source d’Argent, on La DigueIsland is also famous for stone bordered shores with granite rocks. This is the second best beach in Seychelles and has been voted as best beach on few occasions. This beach is best for photographers and it is called photographer’s paradise as it has the best view shoot angles. It is best for swimming and snorkeling.

Watch the wild Life

Yet another one of the best things to do Seychelles is visit the enjoying wide verity of wild life, No other Island has these many different species at one place. Few rare birds found here are fodies, magpie robinsand blue pigeon. Nemours sea animals and species are found under water. This would be best experienced if you plan for snorkeling. If you like to watch Tortoises, don’t forget to visit Moyenne Island.

Seychelles National Botanical Gardens:

Though it’s not the best Botanical Gardens around the world,it is certainly worth watching. It is rich in different trees ranging from small to large structures. The most attractive ones are the coco-de-mer trees and the tortoises. This would be worth looking if you’re not planning for Praslin Island visit.

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