Best Places to Visit in Dubai, Which You Should Not Miss

By on November 6, 2013

Dubai is the most wonderful and beautiful place to travel on your vacation. At the same time, Dubai is the “real jewel” of the region, and tourist or business destination.

Whatever may be your purpose of visiting Dubai, either on tourist trip or business trip, you should not miss these top best and wonderful places in Dubai.

The city offers best sight-seeing and historic places, top tourist destinations during your stay in Dubai. The following are the best destinations one must not miss to see in Dubai.

The Palm Island

The Palm Island of Dubai is very beautiful, amazing, and unique and must visit place to a visitor. It is said to be world’s eighth wonder and most frequently visited place in Dubai and also an artificial archipelago island.

Places to Visit in Dubai - The Palm Island

The shape of the island is specially designed as palm tree and the name has been given as Palm Island. It is known for its photography and must visit island. One would have a luxurious relaxing experience at palm Jumeirah resorts located inside the island

One can also find luxurious shopping malls, tourist’s spots, world’s famous resorts and hotels in the palm island. Tourists or visitors come here to enjoy and experience the eye catching views, beautiful sunset and eat out at hotels which are surrounded by amazing ocean scenery in the island.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest construction which one cannot miss during one’s stay in Dubai. It is one of the most amazing and dominating art of engineering. It is constructed with 134 levels from which one can have a stunning view of Dubai while having a visit to Burj Khalifa.

Places to Visit in Dubai - Burj Khalifa

It consists of world’s largest restaurant at 122nd floor where visitors can have a beautiful and eye catching view of Dubai along with good food. Dubai mall is present at ground levels of Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Museum

Dubai museum gives you the information about the traditional lifestyle of Dubai emirates which is one of the must watch places while having a trip to Dubai. This museum has a record of 80,000 visitors in March 2008.

Places to Visit in Dubai - Dubai Museum

Every year there will be lots of tourists visit Dubai museum as it gives so much information on culture of emirates and Dubai to the people. As it was constructed in 1787, it is said to be oldest building in Dubai.

Desert Safari and Beaches

Desert safari of Dubai is one thrilling experience where you can have a roller coaster ride on land cruiser and left in mid of golden desert where you can find a belly dancer’s dancing and barbeque dinner.

Places to Visit in Dubai - Desert Safari and Beaches

On the other side, Dubai offers many beautiful beaches that are known for their spectacular beauty. Sands at the beaches are as soft as velvet and the water over there is as clear as crystal. [Top Visited Beaches of Dubai]

Places to Visit in Dubai – Burj Al Arab Hotel

Burj Al Arab hotel is the only one seven star hotel all over the world with lots of luxuries inside. You can have incredible hospitality, rooms, and food in this hotel. One can definitely fall in love with the hotel as it provides unlimited luxuries.

Places to Visit in Dubai - Burj Al Arab Hotel

This is the most photographed buildings all over the world. You are served with yummy food and can have an ultimate experience to visit this hotel.

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