5 More Best Places For Sightseeing In Kansas

By on December 26, 2014

Kansas City serves as an abode to some greatest attractions and destinations in the world. From museums to world class dining, entertaining and shopping, famed BBQ and Jazz, there are many places for sightseeing in Kansas City.

The city renders something more than just some fields of sunflowers and wheat. It is a prairie state possessing sprawling grasslands, sophisticated urban regions and colorful history for its travelers to discover.

There are many attractions in Kansas and in order to have a sight of all the major attractions of the city, you definitely need to have a car. This is because there are long stretches amid populated regions and no public transport outside the major cities.

Places for Sightseeing in Kansas

Here are the 5 more best places for sightseeing in Kansas, which you should not miss.

Botanica, Wichita Gardens

Sightseeing In Kansas - Botanica, Wichita Gardens

Botanica, Wichita Gardens is a site featuring themes gardens spread over 9.5 acres of land. This garden is open for visitors all the year round and the displays at this garden keep changing according to seasons. Woodland collection, children’s garden and memorial fountain are some major attractions of this garden.

Kansas State Capitol

Sightseeing In Kansas - Kansas State Capitol

One of the best places for sightseeing is Kansas State Capitol. It is located in Topeka and it has been built in French Renaissance fashion.

The State Capitol possesses murals by John Steuart Curry, a native of Kansas. The grounds of this Capitol feature a bronze sculpture of Abraham Lincoln.

Eisenhower Presidential Center

Sightseeing In Kansas - Eisenhower Presidential Center

Eisenhower Presidential Center is also known as Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum. This Presidential library, museum and boyhood home is located in Abilene and it features landscaped grounds spread over an area of 22 acres possessing five buildings. The library contains papers and books written and used by Eisenhower.

Boot Hill

Sightseeing In Kansas - Boot Hill

Boot Hill is basically a complex in Dodge City surrounding the significant historic cemetery. This hill also includes a replica of Front Street as it appeared during the 1870s and Fort Dodge jail. These are the actually the burial grounds for gunfighter of 19th century.

Lake Scott State Park

Sightseeing In Kansas - Lake Scott State Park

This park is spread over 1000 acres of land possessing 100 acre lake created by a dam which was built in the year 1928. The land for this park was donated by Herbert Steele family. This park is home for El Cuartelejo, who is the only known Indian pueblo in Kansas. This park is actually the site for Taos Pueblo’s ruins.

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