Best And Most Attractive Belgium Places To Visit

By on June 10, 2014

The most peaceful place, Belgium has something more than chocolates and beers to offer tourists giving them unique experience with lasting memories.

Traveling to Belgium is worth visiting because of its scenic towns and cities, historical monuments and cultural venues. Just talking is not enough to describe Belgium!! You must try a visit on your next holiday trip. Here are the most attractive Belgium places to visit:


Belgium Places To Visit - Mons

Discover the historical richness of capital city of Hainaut Provine, Mons located on the slopes of a small hill in Belgium.

Must-see’s of Mons make it worth visiting include beauty of town hall, Mysterious ringing of bells from Belfry, Van Gogh’s House and art museum. Still it is a rich blend of various architectural styles, take a visit and enjoy yourself.

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