Airlines Keep You Connected With The World Through Wi-Fi Access

By on October 31, 2013

One of most important sophistication in the modern world is to stay connected to the web world via mobile data or Wi-Fi etc. especially when you’re traveling to different places.

If you’re catching a flight, it does not mean that you are losing connection with the rest of the world because most of the airports or airlines are providing free or paid Wi-Fi zones.

In the present world you can even get Wi-Fi access in the entire fleet. Yes, there is a way to be connected while you are flying, if the aircraft provides Wi-Fi, so that you will be able to Tweet, post on Facebook, send emails, do online shopping and stay connected to beloved once.

Airways with Wi-Fi AccessThe Wi-Fi support is not provided by all the aircraft services. At the moment, Wi-Fi is chargeable and depends on the duration of the travel. Different fights have different rate cards.

Once the flight takes off and reaches around 10,000 feet altitude then the flight crew will announce the Wi-Fi ready and can be connected.

All you need to do is set your Wi-Fi on in your devices/laptops and connect to the Wi-Fi network with the desired credentials provided by the cabin crew.

While booking the flight, you will be able to know which flights provide Wi-Fi network in the travel and how much is chargeable for data usage.

The service provider of Wi-Fi to most of the USA flights are Go-go by Air cell LLC, Row 44 Inc. Current survey on the flight passengers who have experienced Wi-Fi are lot happier and engaged throughout the fleet and are not so bored, worth spending few dollars for Wi-Fi access and hold the world in your hands. Here are the top 5 Wi-Fi enabled Airlines.

1. Air Canada

Air Canada is an international airline provides Go-go in-flight internet access to travelers on particular A319 aircraft between Montreal and Los Angeles over United States just for $9.95 to laptops and $7.95 for handheld devices.

2. Egypt Air

It is a Middle Eastern aircraft; member of Star Alliance that has installed Wi-Fi aboard on certain A330-300’s from on-air.

3. Emirates

Emirates offer on-air services including satellite Wi-Fi service ranges from 40,000 feet. This service is enabled on certain flights like A380, Boeing B777. They will charge on the basis of data usage and offers the same rates to laptops or mobiles. A380 flight charges $2.75 for 5 MB and $15 for 30 MB to mobile data.

4. Saudia Airlines

Saudia Airlines provides in-flight Wi-Fi internet and mobile services using on-air aboard. Hence you can surf web or connect with laptop when you are in the air. Cost depends on the packages you select while booking the tickets.

5. Oman Airways

This airline offers phone connectivity and in-flight internet throughout the A330 fleet. So that passengers can both email and call while on-board. Prices depend on the plane you purchase and ranges from $5-$40.

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