Things To Know About 2014 Rio Carnival

By on February 18, 2014

It is that time of the year almost, i.e.Carnival time! Yes, 2014 Rio Carnival is fast approaching. The biggest and most exciting of all carnival celebrations that are taking place around the world is going to be held in Brazil.

This is one most colorful and exhilarating event that one must not miss to enjoy. Here are some things to know about 2014 Rio Carnival.

What is the carnival in Rio?

2014 Rio CarnivalIt is the world’s most popular festival which is held annually to mark the opening of lent. It is originally held as a celebration for spring and dates back to 1823.

Since then, the five-day-on-going festival has become a festival of massive proportions.

When is the Rio Carnival in 2014?

This year, the Rio Carnival is going to be held from February 28 – March 4. It is celebrated all over the streets and villages in Brazil in terms of Brazilian culture. Most of the festivities take place in Rio de Janeiro.

What happens at carnival?

This biggest celebration in Brazil is filled with series of parades, concerts, street vendors, music, dancing and parties. The major highlights include Samba Parade. Another important aspect of carnival is unique, extravagant and outstanding costumes symbolizing the gluttony and accentuating human body.

Samba School Parades – The essence of Carnival celebrations

Like many other grand events over the years, Rio Carnival 2014 promises to be grander as well. Each samba school come with a theme, which they represent with song, dance and the most creative and outstanding costumes for which a board of 40 judges award points. The school ending up with most earn points become the champion of champions title.

Are there any banned items and different currencies accepted at Rio Carnival?

No polystyrene, no glass, no firecrackers, no video cameras at carnival.Street vendors and shops accept euros, dollars and pounds. Shoppers will be much happier if you pay with reais. Hence, make sure to exchange your currency beforehand.

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