8 Travel Essentials For Long Haul Flights You Need To Carry

By on July 15, 2015

If you are not very fond of long haul flights because they leave you tired and dehydrated, do not worry because there are always some travel tips that can be of good help.

If you tend to fly a lot on business then there are some travel essentials that need to be packed in order to have a comfortable flight.

If you are aware of the travel essentials for long haul flights then you can always help yourself cure jetlag, keep healthy and reduce nerves.

Travel Essentials For Long Haul Flights To Carry

Some of the travel essentials for long haul flights that you need to carry during your journey have been mentioned below:

Travel Essentials For Long Haul Flights

Comfortable And Warm Clothes

It is always important to carry comfortable and warm clothes for long haul flights. You can try leggings or track suit because these cloths are not very tight. You can even try a jacket or a vest in order to beat the cold inside the plane.

Carry Your Gadgets

Thinking about what are the gadgets that you are going to carry with you is an important thing to do. Do not over pack and keep thing simple. You must make it a point to carry your computer, phone, camera, kindle, 3DS and iPad.

Eye Mask And Other Sleep Aids

An eye mask is a compulsory sleep item for long haul flights. You might not need it for short flights but it is extremely useful when try to sleep on long haul flights. Apart from an eye mask, you should also get a neck pillow, a blanket and ear plugs for a comfortable sleep.

Water And Snacks

Long haul flights can leave you dehydrated and therefore you must make it a point to carry enough water with you. Snacks are also important because you might not get the meal when you are hungry and hunger will always make you feel bored.

Slip-on Shoes And Socks

Slip-on shoes will be comfortable than other shoes while traveling. They are easy to wear and remove. Big thick and fluffy socks are one of the most important travel essentials for long haul flights. This will avoid you from keeping your shoes on while you are in the plane.

Products To Protect From Dry Air

Another important thing to keep in mind while on long haul flights is to protect yourself from dry air. Air in the airplane is generally dry, which makes your body, skin and eyes drink. As mentioned above drink sufficient amount of water to avoid dehydration.

You eye drop, if you feel your eye dry. Apply lip balm if you feel dry lips. Apply moisturizer or cocoa butter for moisturizing dry skin.


Make sure to keep all your toiletries like tooth brush, tooth paste, face and sanitizing wipes. As it is a long journey, it is good to keep these toiletries to keep yourself fresh.

There may be plenty of gems on the arm rest, etc, places; so, it is best clean them with sanitizing wipes before using them.


One of most important travel essentials for long haul flights is to carry necessary medications such as headache medications, vomiting medications, and any other regular medications.

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