8 Best Exotic Travel Destinations You Would Love to Visit

By on August 16, 2013

Have you decided where you wish to travel this vacation season? If you are looking for exotic spots that are less crowded, then make a note of the few best exotic travel destinations that have the blessings of Mother Nature and offers immense beauty.

Right from the amazing African safari to the old castles, these destinations have everything in remembering for you. Have a memorable vacation with your loved ones this year in these places as they are full of rich beautiful landscapes.

Kenya – The Exotic Safari:

Best Exotic Travel Destinations - Kenya

This land boasts of the most exotic African safari. You can have a nice view of the wild animals in their natural African habitat in front of your eyes. Take real life snaps of lions, giraffes, elephants etc. at this natural animal reserve.

Tsavo National Park is one such destination that has some good collection of wildlife. This place also has its own share of The Ghost and The Darkness that makes it the first among best exotic travel destinations.

Kauai – The Jungle Island:

If you enjoyed the view of Jurassic Park, then you would surely love Kauai, which is one of the Hawaiian Islands. This is because the scenes of Jurassic park were actually pictured in this beautiful island.

Best Exotic Travel Destinations - Kauai

Enjoy horse riding, enjoy the rain forest, walk through the woods in the forests and perform many other exciting things. This mesmerizing place will be a cherishing one in the future.

Maui – The award winner:

Next in the list of best exotic travel destinations in the world comes the Maui, which is the second largest Hawaiian Islands. It is an awesome experience to watch a beautiful sunrise standing at the top of the Haleakala Crater that is 10,000 high.

Best Exotic Travel Destinations - Maui

You can also enjoy whale watching, and also do a bit of shopping, view some artworks in the museums, and take some impressive snaps.

Morocco – The all rounder destinations:

Next in the list of best exotic travel destinations comes is Morocco, which has lots of beaches, lush green valleys, snow tipped peaks and sandy deserts. You can also look at some royal palaces, taste some exotic food, spend some time at the beautiful gardens, and take part in the active life of its beautiful cities.

Best Exotic Travel Destinations - Morocco

Daintree Rainforest – The oldest location:

Daintree Rainforest is located in Australia, which is considered as one of the oldest rainforest on Earth. Go deep into the jungle, stare at the glow worms in the caves, and enjoy a comfortable massage at the spas.

Best Exotic Travel Destinations - Daintree Rainforest

New Zealand – The cinematographer’s location:

This is one among the few places that are filmed in popular films of Hollywood. This isolated place has won many awards for its tourism. This location has an environmental care and also features a rich cultural location.

Best Exotic Travel Destinations - New Zealand

The Galapagos Islands:

You should not miss this one from the list of best exotic travel destinations, as it is synonymous to the word, exotic and beautiful. Though, you might have a park ranger accompanying you everywhere as a part of conservation measures, you can enjoy the trip immensely.



This is one among the greenest location on the Earth. With ruins, castles and ancient sites filled here, you can dive through the historical remains and take part in the most popular event called Hay on Wye, which is a book festival.

Best Exotic Travel Destinations - Wales

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