8 Best Camping Sites Northern California That You Shouldn’t Miss

By on October 18, 2013

Best camping sites Northern California are with numerous awesome choices. It isn’t that much hard to get a better spot to camp in California but there are some great and special spots that are must to visit.

San Francisco Bay Area Campground

Camping Sites Northern California - San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area campground gives you plenty of space and a cool ocean breeze. You can find over 23 spots which offer you beautiful nights to spend under the stars. You can also enjoy weather that stays cool throughout the year, access to Pacific Ocean and a boat launch during your stay.

Twin Lakes Campground

Camping Sites Northern California - Twin Lakes Campground

Twin Lakes campground is located in Mammoth Lakes, California is said to be the best camping sites Northern California. This campground is only opened from June to November; it provides plenty of hiking and many other activities.

Visiting this mountain paradise also gives you a chance to enjoy awesome waterfalls over there.

Coastal Mountain Range and North Coast of California

Camping Sites Northern California - Coastal Mountain Range

While visiting Coastal Mountain Range, and North Coast of California, which are running parallel to the shoreline, you can see everything from primitive campgrounds to luxurious campgrounds along with all the amenities.

You can also find some of beautiful scenery all over the world, everything from sandy to boulder-strewn beaches, with rugged sheer drop-off cliffs, pristine lakes, open grasslands where deer graze, rushing waterways and the anciently peaceful Redwood forests of Del Norte, Mendocino and Calaveras counties.

Cascade Mountain Range

Camping Sites Northern California - Cascade Mountain Range

Are you looking for camping sites Northern California near lakeside? The Cascade mountain Range area offers you so many beautiful and awesome lakes such as Eagle Lake, Lake Shasta, Antelope Lake, Medicine Lake, Crater Lake and many more!!

Apart from beautiful lakes to camp around, the Cascades are like home to both active volcano and snow-capped mountains. These make the cascade mountain range as one of the unusual Northern California camping regions.

Point Reyes National Seashore

Camping Sites Northern California - Point Reyes National Seashore

Point Reyes National seashore boasts you four hike-in camping and also boat-in camping on the west side of Tomales Bay on national sea shores. No car camping is available at Point Reyes National sea shore.

Gold Bluffs Beach Campground

Camping Sites Northern California - Gold Bluffs Beach Campground

You can fix your tent between the redwood forest and Pacific Ocean and you can also find the Roosevelt Elk, local herd which is hanging out with you on the beach.

Russian Gulch State Park Campground

On the Northern California coast, Russian Gulch State park campground provides an up-close look at Mendocino’s natural and awesome beauty, like at Devil’s Punch Bowl, where the ocean streams through a large hole in the headlands.

Camping Sites Northern California - Russian Gulch State Park

This is the most popular among the camping sites Northern California that offers you great enjoyment and fulfilled memories.

Shaver Lake

Camping Sites Northern California - Shaver Lake

Shaver Lake is one of the Sierra lakes, which is a part of Southern California Edison hydroelectric project, and 252 campsites of Camp Edison have cable TV, electricity and even have Internet. This camp has beautiful mountain views and great lake access.

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