7 Tips For Traveling New Zealand On A Budget

By on November 11, 2015

The sweeping mountain vistas, exclusive wildlife, fascinating Maori culture and pristine beaches of New Zealand make it one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world.

However, it is to be kept in mind that exploring this land of the Long White Cloud, as it is popularly called, is not quite affordable. Therefore, budget-travelers need to remain aware of the tips on traveling New Zealand on a budget.

New Zealand serves as the adventure capital of the world, offering various interesting activities to the travelers. Such activities include skydiving, hiking, skiing, bungy jumping and caving. You can always make your dream tour a reality by knowing the tips that can help you in traveling New Zealand on a budget.

Traveling New Zealand On A Budget

Tips For Traveling New Zealand On A Budget

Some of the best ways to save money while traveling to New Zealand on a budget are as follows:

Travel During Off Season

You must plan your trip to New Zealand accordingly and try visiting it during the off season. The best time for budget-conscious travelers to visit New Zealand is during the fall and the spring seasons and also during winter when tourism seems to be down.

Focus on the Trip

New Zealand might not appear as a very large country, but if you have this strong desire of experiencing some of the most important sights on both the islands, it will take around two weeks. Therefore, if you have limited budget or time in hand, you must try concentrating wither on the South Island or the North Island.

Learn Cooking

Eating out in New Zealand can be very expensive. Therefore, a good method of saving money while in the country is learning to cook.

Experience House Sitting

By house sitting in the country, you will be able to save yourself from spending lots of money that goes into extended trips. Along with this benefit, you get the added advantage of living as an integral part of the community and explore the life of the locals.

Saving Money On Transportation

If you are exploring New Zealand for 3 months or more, then it is best to purchase camper van and use it for transportation or else renting is a good option. In order to explore the jagged mountains, sparkling lakes and the lush forests of New Zealand, a cheaper option would be renting a campervan or a car.

Rental Relocations

Rental relocations is also one of the best options for traveling New Zealand on a budget, if you doesn’t want spend much on transportation. These camper rental companies require drivers to relocate their vehicles from one drop-off location to another. If you are will to drive, it may cost you $1 for transportation.


Using Internet New Zealand will make you spend some money as it is expensive and even slower. So, use internet wisely and you can save some extra money. And, you can enjoy free internet in McDonalds, and even in libraries.

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