7 Essential Wilderness Camping Gear For Camping In Wild

By on February 2, 2015

Trying to survive in the wilderness is something that requires human wit but at the same time you should also remain in good possession of the perfect wilderness camping gear.

If you get injured or lost in the wilderness then it is only the right gear that can help you in warding off the situation.

As a camper, you should always be in stock of the right gear that can help you in staying comfortable both during the day and the night.

Wilderness Camping Gear

Here is some of the essential wilderness camping gear, which will helpful for you while camping in wild.

Wilderness Camping Gear


This is one of the most important things that you should have while camping in the wild. This is because a knife is of good help in cutting rope, opening packages, creating weapons, for fire starters, for building shelters, for cutting bandages and as a boredom relief.

Always try carrying a knife with fixed blade to your camp in the wilderness because such knives are more resilient and durable in comparison to folding knives.


One of the most essential wilderness camping gear while you are camping in wild is fire. Fire is essential for cooking, staying warm with bonfire, etc. Lighters are very helpful and effective in starting a fire.

Maps and Compass

Maps and Compass helps you in finding the right direction. It is also important for you to have a map of the region you are camping as it will help you in finding the right roads and pathways.

Of course, with present day technology your smartphone map is enough, but normal maps, and compass are useful, when your smartphone is in no-signal area.

First Aid Kit

You may never know, when you will get hurt. It may be during setting up your camping tent, or maybe during lighting bonfire, you may get hurt. So, having a first aid kit is very essential. This is not only the most essential wilderness camping gear, but also for any other type of camping.

Foldable Furniture

It can turn out to be terribly uncomfortable to sit on hard rocks and ground. Therefore, it is essential to carry collapsible chairs that can help you in sitting in a very comfortable manner. You can also carry foldable camping tables for serving food in a convenient manner.


Pans, pots and skillets help you in cooking different dishes while camping in the wilderness rather than adjusting only with grilled meat.

Cookware is an essential gear required for people who love camping in the wilderness because it helps you in boiling water, steaming meat and vegetables.

Water Bottles

There is nothing that can be more essential than a water bottle or a good hydration system for a wilderness trip. Water is very important for survival and therefore you should take all necessary measures to ensure that you have a good hydration system during your camping trip.

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