7 Best Vacation Spots On A Budget In Europe

By on October 10, 2015

Europe can be a great choice when search for vacation spot on a budget. Most people think that European cities are expensive to visit and they need a lot of money to explore Europe.

It is true that there are many cities in Europe that are expensive but there are also many holiday destinations in Europe that are inexpensive and perfect for all the backpackers out there.

Best Vacation Spots On A Budget To Travel

Let’s look at some of the best vacation spots on a budget in beautiful Europe:

Best Vacation Spots On A Budget


Though the prices in this city are rising swiftly, you still can find affordable lodging options if you visit Prague during the winters. It is one city that attracts a lot of tourists these days and why not…there is a lot to explore in Prague starting from hilltop castles to storied churches that are hundreds of years old.


This Hungarian capital offers you a perfect mix of baroque, neoclassic and Art Noveau architecture and Budapest would be loved by anyone who loves history. This is one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe and a lot of things can be done here without exhausting your credit card balance. From its thermal baths to nightclubs, you will love being here.


Lisbon is one the best vacation spots on a budget in Europe. If laid back charm is what attracts you, you will love being in the Portuguese capital. From St. George’s castle that offers a great view of the skyline to a village life that still holds strong, there is a lot to experience here.


This is one place that offers something for everyone. From cheap eateries to affordable lodging, you would not mind spending a few extra days here. Alcohol is expensive here and this is yet another city that boasts of the great architectural marvels.


Krakow in Poland is one of the best vacation spots on budget. City is filled with many beautiful royal palaces, and gothic churches. You can enjoy budget friendly accommodation, restaurants, and nightlife. This place is favorite weekend destination for many European because of the low prices offered.


Dubrovnik is a small beautiful town in Croatia, which is one of the prominent tourist destinations in Mediterranean Sea. To make your visit to Dubrovnik more budget friendly, take the sightseeing bus tours, which is very cheap, and stay outside the village.


Barcelona of Spain is also one the budget friendly vacation spots in Europe. You can enjoy many daytime attractions, which include many museums and churches. There has been a rise in prices in this city, but, they are still affordable.

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