5 Wonderful Romantic Weekend Getaways California

By on February 6, 2015

People usually look out for romantic getaways which are quite, offer splendid view of the sunset and at the same time give enough time to the romantic couples to hold hands together.

Romantic Weekend Getaways California

If you are looking for romantic weekend getaways California then the places that have been mentioned below will be a perfect choice for you:

Coronado Beach

Romantic Weekend Getaways California - Coronado Beach

This place lies at a 5 minutes drive from San Diego and it boasts of wide sandy beaches, calm surf and a perfect destination for whale watching.

Public facilities, free parking at Ocean Boulevard and lifeguards present on the spot add to the convenience of this romantic getaway in California.

La Jolla

Romantic Weekend Getaways California - La Jolla

La Jolla Cove in California is one of the most desired areas for snorkeling, diving and swimming. The area is protected ecologically and makes for a very safe residence for Garibaldi fishes.

The place is worth a visit for spending some romantic time together because of its splendid beauty and also because of its mild weather.

San Francisco

Romantic Weekend Getaways California - San Francisco
San Francisco is known as the most romantic city throughout the world. There are a lot of people who have fallen in deep love with the atmosphere of this city.

The weather here is mild and there are a range of scenic vistas and many other things for the couples to enjoy like theater, museums, nightlife and dining.

Monterey Peninsula

Romantic Weekend Getaways California - Monterey Peninsula

Monterey Peninsula is one of those few places in the world which is both romantic and beautiful. This place is filled with coastal mountains and breathtaking beaches making it an ideal destination for romantic couples to enjoy their holidays.

Catalina Island

Romantic Weekend Getaways California - Catalina Island

Catalina Island is one of the top picks when it comes to choosing romantic weekend getaways California. This is because of the walk able downtown, cozy bed and breakfasts and beautiful sights of the ocean presented by this island.

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