5 Wonderful Railway Journeys In Europe

By on March 26, 2014

Luxury trains wonderfully evoke a sense of elegance and grandeur. It is just like going back in time as well as rediscovering romance of graceful traveling.

Whether staring out the window at wonders of nature or enjoying fine dining in the restored past century dining car, rail journeys in Europe are truly a memorable experience with an undeniable charm.

Here are our top five picks of Europe’s Rail Journeys.

Trans-Siberian Railway

Europe Railway Journeys - Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway is well-known and reputed for good reason- it is spectacular in many ways than one!

Yes, you will go through a total of 8 dissimilar time zones as you move between Vladivostok and Moscow. Get ready for incredible ever change scenery since the train route takes you Russia.

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