5 Tuscany Tourist Attractions You Should Not Miss

By on January 9, 2016

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that Tuscany is one of the most popular regions in Italy and this goes special for the foreign travelers. Tuscany tourist attractions are filled with the romantic images of hill towns featuring Medieval Towers, fields of beautiful sunflowers and flowing landscapes.

People visit Tuscany for innumerable reasons. There are people who visit this place in search of medieval history and fine art while there are others who explore the unusual countryside of this region.

Top Tuscany Tourist Attractions

Some of the best Tuscany tourist attractions, which are most widely visited include:


Tuscany Tourist Attractions - Florence

Photo Credits: Blueorangutan

With its innumerable art treasures like museums, monuments, palaces, churches and artisan shops, Florence is one place in Tuscany that should remain at the top position in your list of some of the best places to visit in Tuscany.


Tuscany Tourist Attractions - Siena

Photo Credits: Emre KARABULUT

Siena is a very beautiful town dating back to the medieval period. The beauty of this place is par excellence. Visitors make it a point to visit Siena because of its squares and monuments in red brick color. There are various special events also hosted by the city.


Tuscany Tourist Attractions - Pisa

Photo Credits: Franz Eric Leósson

Pisa is known for The Square of Miracles, which consist the Leaning Tower of Pisa, is considered one of the most impressive and unique sights throughout the world. People visit this place to have a splendid look of this uncommon and complex work of art spread throughout a wonderful green field.


Tuscany Tourist Attractions - Volterra

Photo Credits: Michael Knowles

This town is Tuscany is one of the best Tuscany Tourist Attractions and also a significant Etruscan center. There are a number of beautiful tourist destinations in the city making it a worth visit place in Tuscany.


Tuscany Tourist Attractions - Lucca

Photo Credits: zacke82

Lucca is yet another popular tourist attraction in Tuscany. This place is well-known for the imposing Renaissance Walls along with the popular medieval center that lies enclosed within this city. You can also find a number of beautiful gardens and churches throughout the city.

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