5 Things That You Shouldn’t Do In Las Vegas

By on November 27, 2013

People feel excited to travel Las Vegas as it provides lots of activities or great experience that is sure to appeal various tastes.

But it is more important to know about things what not to do in Las Vegas to experience the amazing city views and help you to avoid rip offs and blisters in your next visit.

Here are a few of the things not to do in Las Vegas.

1. Using Casino ATMs

ATMs are available at Vegas casinos charge highest price to grab more money from you according to their proximity and convenience. To avoid this, get more cash with you or use handy ATM Hunter and find the non-casino ATMs.

2. Wear Painful Shoes

Things to Avoid in Las VegasNot to wear your six-inch branded leather shoes for a night trip on the town. Casinos in Vegas are bigger than they look from outside and a walk from Venetian to Wynn could give you blisters that are painful severely.

3. Get Long Hauled

In Vegas, the cabbies practice to take visitors on longer rides than required through airport tunnel for more money. This is the big problem in Las Vegas and you should be aware of it.

Make sure of asking your cabbie to take you directly to your destination not via airport tunnel to avoid getting fleeced.

4. Jay Walk

Las Vegas is the most dangerous place for pedestrians as the locals specially cab drivers drive crazy and hit the pedestrians by cars with no pity. Walk across the street if you desire to get old citation on expensive Vegas vacation.

5. Practice Improper Gambling Etiquette

Know how to behave at blackjack table during your stay at Vegas. Don’t give your money directly to dealer, always put money on the table as security cameras are arranged to witness each and everything.

Don’t try to bend the cards as it is considered as cheating and it is also important to make your highest chips visible all the times and don’t place the cards under the table. Know that mobiles are prohibited at the table.

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