5 Stunning Danube River Cruises

By on November 20, 2014

Danube River is the second largest river in Europe and also a great means of transportation for more than 2000 years.

Also it is the only main European river that flows from west to east. This river flows along the borders of 10 countries, such as: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine.

If you want to travel on Danube River to explore any of these countries, there many wonderful cruises you can try.

Danube River Cruises

Just have a look at these best Danube River Cruises for having a fascinating trip:

1. Grand European Cruise – Eastbound

Danube River Cruises - Grand European Cruise

This Danube river cruise is provided by Tauck. Explore the beauty of Europe by traveling like royals of old. You will have unforgettable experience for 24 days through the heart of Europe by combining Amsterdam to Budapest by Riverboat with Budapest to the Black Sea. Danube river cruises available for this tour are ms Treasures and ms Swiss Jewel.

2. A Taste of the Danube – Eastbound

Danube River Cruises - A Taste of the Danube

This is an Avalon Waterways provided tour. Explore the scenic and fascinating Danube through its small towns and exciting cities on this river cruise vacation. Through this cruise, you can have wonderful experience of natural beauty of Austria’s Wachau Valley.

You can enjoy the serene atmosphere as you glide along the river, passing scenic beauty and quaint villages. Your journey in the cruise concludes with two overnights stay in exciting Budapest, which includes sightseeing and time to discover on yourself. Cruises provided for this tour are Affinity, and Artistry II.

3. The Legendary Danube

Danube River Cruises - The Legendary Danube

This Danube river tour is also provided by Avalon Waterways. Danube river cruises used for this tour are Panorama, Impression, Luminary, Illumination, Artistry II, Expression, Visionary, and Vista.

This cruise offers 11 day trip from Prague to Budapest. During the trip, you can enjoy the splendor of Prague to the Nomadviolins of Budapest.

You will treasure each and every moment of this memorable “Legendary Danube Cruise Trip”. You will have three nights stay in Prague with guided sightseeing and also time to travel this wonderful city on your own.

During your trip, you will have the chance to explore many things like art, culture, music, and also historical sites in Vienna. Truly it is a memorable vacation for everyone.

4. Highlights of Germany

Danube River Cruises - Highlights of Germany

It is a 13 day river cruise from Munich to Basel. On this remarkable cruise vacation, you will enjoy the Germany’s largest cities, Munich and various charming towns and villages as well as stunning picturesque scenery along your trip.

Visit the famous castle of King Ludwig, Neuschwanstein, an inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. Travel and enjoy the beer tasting in Regensburg. Cruise along the Rhine Gorgeis the stunning part of the river.

These are just sampling of scenic wonders and there are many more delightful destinations wait for your discovery. This is too an Avalon Waterways Danube river cruises provided tour. Cruises used for this tour are Affinity, and Artistry II.

5. The Upper Rhine to The City of Music

Danube River Cruises - Upper Rhine to The City of Music

It is 12 day river cruise from Zurich to Vienna. Three rivers, four countries, and the Main Danube Canal are the basis for this vacation. Zurich is the beginning point, and then proceeds to Switzerland to Basel.

Explore the wonderful sightseeing, technology museum, etc. During the trip you will have enough time to explore this amazing “city of music” by yourself. This too an Avalon Waterways provided tour, and Danube river cruises used for this tour are Affinity, and Artistry II.

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