5 Perfect Spots For Australia Beach Vacations

By on June 3, 2014

Vacation at the beach is a great and awesome experience that no one wants to miss. If you are thinking of vacation beach, then Australia beach vacations is the perfect idea as it is no shortage of beaches!

It is the world’s sixth largest country surrounded by waters packed with picturesque beaches, blue waters providing numerous water activities and sandy coastlines.

Here is a list of top places for spending Australia beach vacations:

Cable Beach

Australia Beach Vacations - Cable Beach

Cable beach is well-known for its 22km stretch along rich red soil, sun-kissed purest white sand with stunning colors that are perfect for snapping photos. It offers perfect rolling waves to enjoy beach combing, swimming and sunbathing.

Don’t forget to go on the camel ride, if you are visiting this beach. Enjoy this unique location and get memorable events with camel riding which is the most famous activity available at this beach.

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