5 River Thames Cruises You Should Try To Enjoy Cruising In London

By on January 4, 2016

River Thames cruises give you the option of escaping the crowds and exploring London from the beautiful River Thames on a peaceful and relaxing river cruise. The river cruises are one of the greatest ways of seeing London from a completely different perspective.

With its iconic landmarks and rich history, London is one of the best places to visit in the world and there can be nothing more admirable than seeing London through cruises on River Thames.

There are different river tours widely available to suit the tastes of the visitors. Most cruises include sightseeing programs along with dining experiences and commentaries. You can also avail themed cruises.

River Thames Cruises

Top River Thames Cruises

Some of the best River Thames cruises you should try for enjoying cruising in London have been detailed below:

Bateaux London

Beauteaux London is the best cruise that can offer you with a unique and memorable experience irrespective of the fact that whether you prefer afternoon tea, lunch or a dinner cruise. The cruise operates scheduled cruises on the Thames throughout the year and offers live entertainment, London city sights and fresh food.

London Duck Tours

London Duck Tours are there to offer the visitors with a wonderful amphibious adventure. The tours help you in knowing some of the most interesting facts regarding the popular attractions in London and also present you with live entertainment.

London Eye River Cruise Experience

This is an exclusive River Thames cruise that gives you the scope of viewing London from a completely different perspective. At this cruise, you can enjoy an exclusive 40 minute circular tour of the city sights with live commentary offered by the trained guides.

RIB Voyages

RIB Voyages are for people who are fond of some adrenaline while visiting some of the most popular attractions in London. This cruise offers speed boats which are extremely fast and thus it comes as an adventurous experience for the visitors.

London Showboat

This is a cruise that adds a good amount of class and poise to your cruising experience. It is a three and a half hours cruise during which the visitors are entertained with cabaret and great music.

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