5 Places To Spend Romantic Valentines Day Vacations In USA

By on February 11, 2015

Do you want to make your partner feel special this Valentine day? Then gift her romantic outing which she would cherish forever.

When you spend a few days with her in a vacation, the experience you have would be different, then gifting her simple box of chocolates.

Romantic Valentines Day Vacations in USA

Here are the best places to spend romantic Valentines Day vacations in USA, so that your dreams come true.

City of Savannah in Georgia

Romantic Valentines Day Vacations - Savannah

If you love the charms of an old city, then do visit the city of Savannah in Georgia. The downtown area is filled with historical buildings and the people are charming in nature.

While visiting Savannah spend a single day visiting the green parks there which is full of fresh air and luxury. If you love art then you can visit art galleries.

You can also go on a ferry trip on Savannah river. Of course, beaches are the best romantic places. You can also have romantic walk with your love on the Savannah beach.

Eat and Explore New Orleans, Louisiana

Romantic Valentines Day Vacations - New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana is considered as one of the popular choice to spend romantic Valentines Day vacations in USA. During vacations if you and your partner love eating delicious food, then you must visit New Orleans. This place will enthrall you with delicious Creole food and wonderful lively band.

You can also visit various old buildings which are strongly influenced by Spanish, French and Victorian style. If you want to truly explore this city, then rent a bicycle and explore the city leisurely.

Visit San Francisco City

Romantic Valentines Day Vacations - San Francisco

If you want to enjoy good quality night life, then you should visit San Francisco. The climate of this city is beautiful and you can enjoy long walks in its beautiful golden beaches in the evening.

During the day you can visit its green parks and enjoy delicious foods offered by top class restaurants there.

Explore Miami

Romantic Valentines Day Vacations - Miami

One of the popular places to spend romantic Valentines Day vacations in USA is Miami. Miami not only has the scenic beaches where you can spend the day, but it also has various reputed bars and restaurants.

Here you can dance with your partner to the early hours of the day and enjoy delicious food served there.

Get Enchanted by Visiting New York

Romantic Valentines Day Vacations - New York

If you love the lifestyle of a busy city but stay in a small town, you and your partner can visit the big apple this Valentine. Here you can find a great many things to do and also enjoy great food at downtown area.

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