5 Of The Best Romantic Travel Destinations In Europe

By on February 4, 2015

The romantic appeal of Europe is in the form of winding walkways, cozy restaurants and majestic cities.

Apart from this, each city in Europe possesses couple friendly activities, dining, accommodations and beauty.

There is no other place in the world which is better than Europe when it comes to choosing romantic destinations.

European Romantic Travel Destinations

Here are some of the best romantic travel destinations in Europe include:


Romantic Travel Destinations - Venice

There is no other city like Venice in the whole world. The entire city is dreamlike with canals in place of streets and water shimmers at every nook and corner of the city. Venice is also filled with wonderful churches and palaces reflecting the history of the place.


Romantic Travel Destinations - Paris

Paris is popularly called “The City of Lights”. It draws a large number of tourists every year and this is all because of the unforgettable ambiance of the place.

River Seine is found rambling through Paris which is also found to be flanked with centuries-old churches, neoclassic design architecture and stately museums. The beauty of this city in Europe is further enhanced with glowing streetlamps and charming trees.


Romantic Travel Destinations - Amsterdam

Amsterdam is another romantic destination in Europe which is quite famous among the young people. In order to experience the romantic atmosphere of this city, you need to get a house boat on rent and then try soaking into the authenticity of the canals here.


Romantic Travel Destinations - Rome

Rome is the Eternal city of Europe and it is 25 centuries old. The city constantly reinvents itself and is considered one of the most historic cities in Europe. In spite of its historic past, the city is always very successful in attracting a large number of couples from throughout the world. This is because of its fusion of new and old and the casual way in which Romans live their lives.

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Romantic Travel Destinations - Lake Lucerne

Medieval buildings and snow-capped mountains make up the backdrop of this beautiful place which is one of the best romantic travel destinations in Europe.

The place is an inspiration for romance but at the same time couples should not forget visiting Lion Monument and Chapel Bridge.

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