5 Not To Miss Tourist Attractions In Costa Brava Spain

By on February 20, 2016

Costa Brava in Spain is basically a very beautiful coastal region stretching from Blanes to the French border. It is considered one of the best holiday destinations in the world and is visited mainly by tourists from France and the United Kingdom.

It is the combination of superb summer climate, excellent beaches and nature along with favorable foreign exchange that has made Costa Brava an inexpensive holiday destination for the tourists. The most attractive tourist attractions in Costa Brava include secluded and soft beaches, delicious seafood, cultural trips and beautiful fishermen villages.

Top Tourist Attractions In Costa Brava

Some of the popular tourist attractions in Costa Brava, which you should not miss during your visit include:

Roman/Greco Ruins At Empuries

Tourist Attractions In Costa Brava - Roman Ruins At Empuries

Photo Credits: Jordi Batet

This is a mini-Pompeii along the Mediterranean with a setting that is sure to attract even the ones who are not fond of ancient ruins. The detailed and the amazingly vast remains of a thriving Greek town is one of the most significant archaeological sites throughout Spain.


Tourist Attractions In Costa Brava - Begur

Photo Credits: Isidro Jabato

Begur is one of the most beautiful towns in Costa Brava. This is a very small, hilltop, fortified town entirely pedestrianised which makes way for a leisurely and lovely day out for the tourists. Here you will find cobbled streets with colonial and Moorish townhouses along with quirky and classy bars, restaurants and boutiques.

Santa Cristina Beach

Tourist Attractions In Costa Brava - Santa Cristina Beach

Photo Credits: Jaume CP BCN

Santa Cristina beach located in Llorete de Mar is considered one of the best beaches in Costa Brava mainly because of the privileged position of this beach. The beach offers calm waters and remains protected from winds making for a great family holiday destination.

Dali Theatre And Museum in Figueres

Tourist Attractions In Costa Brava - Dali Theatre And Museum

Photo Credits: My Wave Pictures

This is an extravagant building and one of the most popular Attractions in Costa Brava. The museum accommodates the greatest collection of superb works from surreal painters, writers and sculptors.

Girona – Cathedral And Jewish Quarter

Tourist Attractions In Costa Brava - Girona

Photo Credits: Luis Pérez Contreras

Cathedral of Saint Mary is located in Girona, which is the cathedral church of Roman Catholic Diocese of Girona. This cathedral features a huge Baroque stone staircase consisting of 96 steps leading to the impressive façade and the entrance.

Jewish quarters in Girona, is one of the most preserved Jewish quarters in the world, which depicts the rich Jewish culture presence. This is located in Forca Vella in Girona.

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