5 Not To Miss Port Adelaide Attractions

By on January 23, 2016

Port Adelaide is basically a suburb in Adelaide which serves as South Australia’s state capital. Port Adelaide is located at a distance of around 14 kilometers towards the northwest of Adelaide CBD.

Port Adelaide lies within City of Port Adelaide Enfield and serves as one of the most important ports for Adelaide city. Port Adelaide attractions include museums, shopping areas, sporting traditions, etc.

Top Port Adelaide Attractions

Some of the most beautiful and the most amazing Port Adelaide attractions, which you should not miss during your visit, are as follows:

South Australian Aviation Museum

Port Adelaide Attractions - South Australian Aviation Museum

Photo Credits: Graham

This museum is sited within a building which itself appears in the form of an exhibit. The building is basically an old World War II Pentad Aircraft Hangar designed in the year 1943. The museum accommodates memorabilia and aircraft relation to the aviation history of South Australia.

National Railway Museum

Port Adelaide Attractions - National Railway Museum

Photo Credits: Community History SA

This museum in Port Adelaide features certain permanent displays like different varieties of rolling stock. The visitors at this museum get the scope of climbing into the cab of the locomotives and even walk through the carriages.

South Australian Maritime Museum

Port Adelaide Attractions - South Australian Maritime Museum

Photo Credits: SA Maritime Museum

The South Australian Maritime Museum is one of the best Port Adelaide Attractions. The staff at the museum warmly greets the visitors with an elaborate explanation of the museum. The museum carries a comprehensive display of the state’s long association with shipping both on rivers and at sea.

Heritage Pub Trail

Port Adelaide Attractions - Heritage Pub Trail

Photo Credits: Ryan Smith

Since Port Adelaide is a port town which has catered to the needs of the seafarers for more than 150 years, there are pubs available at every corner of this city. The Heritage Pub Trail in Port Adelaide introduces the visitors to the history of pub in the area. This guide helps visitors in finding the best pubs in the city.

Port Adelaide Lighthouse

Port Adelaide Attractions - Port Adelaide Lighthouse

Photo Credits: Luke Anderson

This landmark stands on wharf area close to new Fishermen’s Wharf Markets and was built in the year 1869. The Lighthouse was originally built for celebrating the Jubilee 150 year of South Australia by South Australian maritime Museum.

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