5 Not To Miss Places To Visit In Punta Cana

By on January 13, 2016

For the ones who are eager to get the taste of the tropics, Punta Cana would be the best choice. This is the place where one can find himself or herself surrounded by sand, sea and sun. Punta Cana has its location of the eastern coasts of Dominican Republic.

It is important for you to have an idea about the best places to visit in Punta Cana in order to get the most of your visit to this paradise. There are different tourist locations in Punta Cana and they are all worth a visit at least once during a lifetime.

Best Places To Visit In Punta Cana

Have a look at some of the best places to visit in Punta Cana, which you should not miss during your visit:

Altos de Chavon

Places To Visit In Punta Cana - Altos de Chavon

Photo Credits: Rick Duhrkopfx

This is one of the best places to visit in Punta Cana as it gives visitors the scope of venturing back into times to the artist’s rendition of a kind of medieval village graced with European landscape.


Places To Visit In Punta Cana - Bavaro

Photo Credits: photofinishline

This is yet another wonderful place to visit in Punta Cuna. It is filled with restaurants and bars and therefore you can always eat, drink and merry around while lying in the sun and watching palm trees swaying. Here, you can also listen to the rolling waves of the ocean.

Puntacana Ecological Foundation

Places To Visit In Punta Cana Ecological Foundation

Photo Credits: puntacana.org

Puntacana Ecological Foundation is 1500 acre private area within Puntacana Resort and club. This foundation emphasizes on the protection and preservation of Puntacana’s natural flora and fauna. There are around 80 different species of birds, and around 500 different types of plants.

Dolphin Island Park

Places To Visit In Punta Cana - Dolphin Island Park

Photo Credits: dolphinislandpark.com

Dolphin Island Park is one of the popular places to visit in Punta Cana. To reach this place you will have to take a short boat ride from the shores of Bavaro. This park offers a 25 minute of snorkeling in the calm waters, which have dolphins.

Playa Macao

Places To Visit In Punta Cana - Playa Macao

Photo Credits: Pirineo

Playa Macao is one of the popular beaches of Punta Cana. This untouched beach is filled with clear water, and white sand making is a beautiful beach to visit. This is a perfect place for relaxation. You can enjoy activities like surfing, horseback riding, etc at this beautiful coastal escape of Dominican Republic.

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