5 Not To Miss Art Museums In Manhattan

By on February 3, 2016

Manhattan is densely populated borough in New York City. It features the Manhattan Island surrounded by East, Harlem and Hudson Rivers. It is also the heart of “the Big Apple” among the major commercial, cultural and financial centers of the world.

The iconic sights of Manhattan include Empire State Building, Times Square and Broadway Theaters. There are even some popular art museums in Manhattan that are worth visiting.

The art museums in Manhattan are popular art institutions in the world. They feature wonderful and mind-blowing exhibits along with spectacular religious and medieval art prevalent in the New York City.

Top Art Museums In Manhattan

Some of top art museums in Manhattan, which you should not miss to visit, have been elaborated below:

Art In General

Art Museums In Manhattan - Art In General

Photo Credits: artingeneral.org

Art in General is a museum located in the western end of Chinatown. It is a non-profit organization famous for its collections from Eastern Europe. There are sound and video art presentations at this museum along with art work on ecology, culture and politics.

New Museum Of Contemporary Art

Art Museums In Manhattan - New Museum Of Contemporary Art

Photo Credits: newmuseum.org

This is an exclusive art space which is considered important for the recent physical transformations that have taken place. The museum features the art work of popular New York artists like Cory Arcangel, Urs Fischer and Elizabeth Peyton. It even features popular world collections like the ones created by Jeff Koons.

Sperone Westwater Gallery

Art Museums In Manhattan - Sperone Westwater Gallery

Photo Credits: speronewestwater.com

Sperone Westwater is one the best art museums in Manhattan, which has an extravagant gallery designed by Norman Foster. This museum features Renaissance paintings along with the metal reliefs of Heinz Mack from the 1960s. The museum is packed with artwork from the 60s and the 70s.

Storefront Of Art And Architecture

Art Museums In Manhattan - Storefront Of Art And Architecture

Photo Credits: storefrontnews.org

This art museum has its main focus on architecture as is suggested in its name. The museum even hosts book launches, participatory one-day programs and architecture talks. The best thing about this museum is that it presents shows by popular artists, designers and architects like Dan Graham, Peter Cook and Kiki Smith.

The Drawing Center

Art Museums In Manhattan - The Drawing Center

Photo Credits: drawingcenter.org

The Drawing center features exclusive work on paper along with exhibition programs and shows exhibiting drawings on both historic and contemporary art. More than 300 exhibitions have presented at this art museum.

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