5 Must To Visit Snowy Holiday Destinations

By on January 23, 2015

When we think of vacations, the first thought that generally occupies our minds is the sea, the surf and the sun. But, nowadays people are bent on doing something new when it comes to enjoying the holidays.

The popularity of winter vacations is fast growing among people and it is not just limited to the avid snowboarding and ski fans. Log cabins, snow and ice are the basic norms for winter vacations.

Top Snowy Holiday Destinations

Here is the list of top Snowy Holiday Destinations, which you should not miss to visit.

Whistler, British Columbia

Snowy Holiday Destinations - Whistler

One of the perfect snow holiday destinations, where you can truly enjoy the snow is Whistler in British Columbia, Canada. This place is covered with snow throughout the year, which makes it a perfect place for enjoying snow holidays.

This place attracts over two million visitors annually. This place is mainly famous for downhill skiing, and snowboarding. There are many snow related events held in this place. During summer, mountain biking is held in Whistler Blackcomb.

Minneapolis – Saint Paul, Minnesota

Snowy Holiday Destinations - Minneapolis - Saint Paul

Minneapolis-St. Paul in Minnesota is one of the best snowy holiday destinations in America. You can many snowy outdoor activities like skiing, ice-skating, skijoring, snowmobiling, ATV riding, etc at this place.

Quebec City, Quebec

Snowy Holiday Destinations - Quebec City

This is another great place from Canada to enjoy snow holidays in winter. It is located in Quebec province in Canada. The snow conditions in Quebec City provides perfect for downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Le Massif de Charlevoix is the best place in Quebec City for enjoying snow activities. Other places include Mont-Sainte-Anne, Le Relais Centre, and Stoneham Mountain Resort. Apart from snow skiing, and snowboarding, you can also enjoy dogsled races, ice palaces, snow sculptures, etc.


Snowy Holiday Destinations - Alaska

Another noteworthy place among Snowy Holiday Destinations is Alaska where one can enjoy the winters at its best by indulging in icebergs. Top snowy destinations in Alaska include Denali National Park, Anchorage, Girdwood, and many more places.

One of the most unique sights of Alaska is Glacier Bay National park where you will be able to have a sight of a 5 mile wide glacier. Another must-see glacier hotspot is Prince William Sound featuring a good count of tidewater glaciers.


Snowy Holiday Destinations - Switzerland

There are some people who do not like to avoid snow during winter and for such people Switzerland is the best winter holiday destination. Best places for enjoying snowy holidays in Switzerland are Davos, Verbier, Zermatt,

It is a very attractive place to visit during Christmas break and also the cheapest. For the people who like to relax or the ones who like skiing, there is something for every individual.

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