5 Must To See Venezuela Vacation Spots

By on February 16, 2015

Did you know that Venezuela has one of the longest coastlines in the world, which is around 2800 kilometers? You would raise quite a bit of curiosity when you decide to take a vacation in Venezuela.

However, we assure that this would be one of the most exciting vacations that you have ever undertaken.

Venezuela Vacation Spots

To enhance your vacation experience, here are 5 top Venezuela vacation spots which you must visit.
<3>The Sierra Nevada National Park & Merida

Venezuela Vacation Spots - Sierra Nevada National Park

If you have a passion for trekking then you must visit the Sierra Nevada National Park. The alluring beauty of the peaks and its surrounding scenic sceneries would leave you mesmerized. If you love heights then you would visit Merida, where you would take a ride in the cable car which is located in Pico Espejo.

The Island of Margarita

Venezuela Vacation Spots - Island of Margarita

When you visit the Margarita Island you would notice that the island has two different culture areas. You would find hotels, clubs and a beautiful beach in its eastern area.

While the western area would help you to enjoy the best natural sceneries of Venezuela filled with beautiful variations of fauna and flora species.

The Architectural Beauty of Coro

Venezuela Vacation Spots - Coro

If you love traditional old buildings, then visiting Coro would be one of your top Venezuela vacation spots. These traditional old buildings are greatly inspired by Spanish and Dutch styles.

Apart from these beautiful building, Coro is also famous for sand dunes of Medanos de Coro National Park. These sand dunes, which are over 40 feet in height, are famous for Sandboarding.

Canaima National Park and Angel Falls

Venezuela Vacation Spots - Canaima National Park

Actual natural beauty of Venezuela can be felt in the National Park at Canaima. This is located in the southern area of Gran Sabana. Here you would see the rustic table mountain tops and rare species of animals like the giant anteater and the huge otter.

The magnificent beauty of waterfalls known as Angel Falls, which falls above 1000 meters would take your breath away.

Enjoy Water Sports at Mochima National Park

Venezuela Vacation Spots - Mochima National Park

One of the great activities in a vacation is enjoying water sports. When you visit the Mochima National Park you can enjoy activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and even spot a playful dolphin.

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