5 Must To See Tourist Attractions Tokyo Japan

By on April 27, 2015

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and it is one of the most populous metropolises of the world. At present, Tokyo renders a seemingly limitless choice of entertainment, shopping, dining and culture to all its visitors.

You can come face to face with the history of this city by visiting places like Asakusa which boasts of some historic temples, gardens and museums. There are other tourist attractions Tokyo Japan which can be visited during a vacation in this city.

Tourist Attractions Tokyo Japan

Here are some of the must to see tourist attractions Tokyo Japan during your visit.


Tourist Attractions Tokyo Japan - Senso-ji

Senso-ji is one of the most popular tourist attractions Tokyo, Japan. This is one of the oldest and one of most significant Buddhist temple in Tokyo.

It is also known by the name Asakusa Kannon Temple. It is located at walk able distance from Asakusa Station.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tourist Attractions Tokyo Japan - Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palace serves as home to the Emperor of Japan and as an administration center. The palace also features a museum showcasing Japanese history and art.

The entire palace is surrounded by Japanese gardens and even possesses a number of function and reception rooms for receiving guests and welcoming the public.

Hamarikyu Gardens

Tourist Attractions Tokyo Japan - Hamarikyu Gardens

This is one of the largest and the most attractive landscape gardens in Tokyo located at Tokyo Bay. The place features a teahouse for the visitors to enjoy the landscape and even to take rest and seawater ponds changing levels with tides.

This is basically a traditionally designed garden that stands in sharp contrast to the skyscrapers of the city.


Tourist Attractions Tokyo Japan - Shinjuku

Shinjuku is one of the best Tourist Attractions Tokyo Japan. It is a massive and crowded skyscraper city in Tokyo. The city keeps on adding bigger and newer towers at regular intervals.

The three main components of Shinjuku include nightlife, shopping and offices. There are some exclusive hotels offering great nightlife to people visiting Tokyo for their vacation.

If you are visiting Shinjuku, you should miss visiting Shinjuku Gyoen. It is large park with full of eminent gardens, which is just in an walk able distance from Shinjuku station.


Tourist Attractions Tokyo Japan - Ginza

Ginza is one of the most-popular and most visited tourist destinations in Tokyo. It is a Mecca for shopping enthusiasts packed with fancy stores and malls.

This place is not only best for shopping but even for food. There are basement food centers at department stores along with an array of vendors selling prepared food.

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