5 Must To See Tourist Attractions In Richmond Virginia

By on November 5, 2015

Richmond is the state capital of Virginia and is located on the banks of James River. The place has got a historical significance and this is the main reason why it is visited by thousands of visitors throughout the year.

The Tourist attractions in Richmond Virginia tell the story of life that the south struggled to protect and even of the popular Civil war. Tourists visit this place, not only for its historical significance but also due to the fact that the city offers a very active cultural life, activities for almost all ages and lively neighborhoods.

Tourist Attractions in Richmond Virginia

Have a look at must to see tourist attractions to visit in Richmond Virginia during your visit:

Canal Walk

Attractions In Richmond Virginia - Canal Walk

Photo Credits: M Chumney

Canal Walk is basically the road that connects the east coast harbors to the western markets. It was an initiative put down by George Washington. It is called the James River-Kanawha Canal which is a 1.25 miles of paved walkway combined with statues, markers and historic sites. You can enjoy Canal Walk of foot or by taking a boat tour.

Church Hill

Attractions In Richmond Virginia - Church Hill

Photo Credits: cmfgu

Church Hill, which is also known by the name St. John’s Church Historic District, is a historic village district in Richmond. If you want to have a sight of pre-civil war Richmond, pay a visit to Church Hill Historic District.

Here, you will find around 70 antebellum houses and the famous St. John’s Episcopal Church, which was built in the year 1741. Other historic monuments to see in Church Hill are Adams Double House, Chimborazo Park, Libby Hill Park, Elmira Shelton House, etc.

White House Of The Confederacy

Attractions In Richmond Virginia - White House Of The Confederacy

Photo Credits: Andrew Hardy

White House of the Confederacy was home to Confederate President Jefferson Davis during the US Civil War. It is a beautiful restored building with wartime appearance and features fine carpets, Rococo-revival furniture upholstered in pre silk and beautiful wallpaper.

Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts

Attractions In Richmond Virginia - Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts

Photo Credits: roger314

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is one of the best attractions in Richmond Virginia, which possesses ancient Indian art collection, British paintings, sculpture, modern art and photography. This marble-clad museum also possesses a very fine collection of books, prints and gifts.

Monument Avenue

Attractions In Richmond Virginia - Monument Avenue

Photo Credits: wikimedia.org

The Monument Avenue is well-planted and quite wide. It is an avenue punctuated with confederate monuments and various southern heroes which have been set along some popular Tudor revival, Beaux Arts, Georgian and Roman Revival.

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