5 Must To See Tourist Attractions In Oslo Norway

By on December 12, 2015

Oslo stands as one of the largest capitals in the world if total area is taken into account. However, just 20% of this place has been successfully developed while the remaining part contains forests, hills, lakes and parks. Open spaces like parks serve as one of the most important parts of the cityscape of Oslo.

Oslo is one of the best places to explore especially on foot because of the numerous trails and pathways that connect the public spaces. Apart from this, there are many tourist attractions in Oslo Norway that attracts many tourists every year.

Best Tourist Attractions in Oslo Norway

Have a look at some of the best tourist attractions in Oslo Norway, which you should not miss during your visit.

Akershus Fortress

Tourist Attractions in Oslo Norway - Akershus Fortress

Photo Credits: Stewart Miller

This fortress was built during the end of the 13th century by Hakon V. The ramparts and the grounds of this fortress are worth exploring as they offer wonderful views of the harbor. There is also a quaint chapel featuring the tomb of Hakon VII along with the remains of the medieval castle.

Oslo Cathedral

Tourist Attractions in Oslo Norway - Oslo Cathedral

Photo Credits: Cle0patra

The Oslo Cathedral came into being in 1697 but it has been renovated and rebuilt a number of times. The tower of this cathedral was constructed in 1850 and interior went through complete renovation at the end of World War II. The notable features of this cathedral are bronze doors at the doorway and paintings on the ceilings.

Vigeland Park

Tourist Attractions in Oslo Norway - Vigeland Park

Photo Credits: Ramon Oria

This is an 80 acre sculpture park located in the western part of Oslo featuring around 200 sculptures created by Gustav Vigeland. These sculptures are made out of bronze, granite, and wrought iron. This park is located in Frogner Park, which is open to public throughout the year and it is also the world’s largest sculpture park created by single artist.

Oslo Opera House

Tourist Attractions in Oslo Norway - Oslo Opera House

Photo Credits: Adelheid Smitt

Oslo Opera House is a glass and marble building in Bjorvika featuring world-class ballet and opera performances and award-winning architecture. This is also the national opera theater of Norway. Walking on the roof of this building is one of the most popular activities among the tourists.

Viking Ship Museum

Tourist Attractions in Oslo Norway - Viking Ship Museum

Photo Credits: Eddie Crutchley

The Viking Ship Museum is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Oslo Norway. There are a total of three ships on display at the museum which is open daily for the visitors having a keen interest in history of the Vikings.

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