5 Must To See Qatar Tourist Attractions

By on October 26, 2015

Qatar is a beautiful country in the Middle East, which permitted tourism since 1989. The capital city of Qatar is Doha and it is considered one of the most significant and the best tourist destinations in Qatar.

You can find innumerable Qatar tourist attractions in Doha and this is the reason why tourists to Qatar make it is point to include Doha in their itinerary. There are innumerable museums, mosques and deserts in Qatar and they are considered some of the best attractions for the tourists visiting this country.

Top Qatar Tourist Attractions

Top rated Qatar tourist attractions, which you should not miss during your visit, have been described below:


Qatar Tourist Attractions - Al-Zubarah

Al-Zubarah is famous for its fortress, which is included into UNESCO World Heritage site. The famous tourist attractions, which you should not miss during visit, include Zubarah Fort, Qal’at Murair fort, and ruins of Zubarah.

At this place, you can enjoy the historic side of Qatar with houses made of mortar and mud. The houses here are made in Qatari style using limestone as well.

Doha Corniche

Qatar Tourist Attractions - Doha Corniche

Doha Corniche is waterfront promenade, which would sure be one of the best places for spending some quality time with your loved ones especially if you are fond of fresh breeze. At Corniche, you will get the best scopes of taking a peaceful walk by the seaside.

Doha Museum of Islamic Art

Qatar Tourist Attractions - Doha Museum of Islamic Art

Doha Museum of Islamic Art serves as the best place to have an idea about the beauty and the depth of Islamic art. The museum is structured in the form of modern architecture with architects from China and America, putting their skills into completing its construction. It contains a massive collection of Persian, African and Arabian art.

Souq Waqif

Qatar Tourist Attractions - Souq Waqif

Photo Credits: Yavuz Tugcu

This is surely one of the best Qatar tourist attractions because of its traditional appeal. This is an open air market in Doha, which is famous for spices, traditional garments, traditional handicrafts, etc. This place features narrow streets offering art galleries, events, etc.

Al Thakhira Beach

Qatar Tourist Attractions - Al Thakhira Beach

The Al Thakhira Beach is a beautiful stretch of salt flats called sabkha. The beach is 10 kilometers in length and it is quite adventurous. There are innumerable sceneries that you can find at this beach like mangroves, bird life, desert, outcrops and shoreline.

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