5 Must To See Georgia Country Tourist Attractions

By on August 10, 2015

Georgia Country in Europe boasts of a very rich but difficult history. It is a country with real and original cities along with breathtaking landscapes.

This is a very small country which is not very popular among the people of the West. Many people gets mistaken it to the Georgia, a well-known states of America. Georgia Country is a kind of hidden jewel which is located on crossroads between Asia and Europe.

The country possesses very limited land area but despite this fact, it has a number of attractive places to boast of. Georgia country tourist attractions are packed with old-fashioned churches, grand castles and old watchtowers.

Best Georgia Country Tourist Attractions

Some of the best Georgia country tourist attractions that you should not miss during your visit include:

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

Georgia Country Tourist Attractions - Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

This is a grand and an enormous building dating back to the 11th century. The cathedral stands as one of the best examples of Georgian church architecture.

This cathedral features a lengthened cross plan and both the interiors and the exteriors of this cathedral are adorned with majestic stone carvings.

The National Gallery

Georgia Country Tourist Attractions - The National Gallery

The entrance to the National Gallery is from a park located near Kashveti Church in Tbilisi. This is a recent addition to the best Georgia country tourist attractions with its inception in the year 2011.

The best highlight of this gallery is its hall which is packed with wonderful canvases by Pirosmani, one of the well-known painters from Georgia Country.


Georgia Country Tourist Attractions - Batumi

Batumi in Georgia Country is basically a coastal city which is well-known for its contemporary architecture, beaches and good weather. One of the must to see tourist attractions in Butami is the Batumi Boulevard, which is a popular park which runs along the seashore and features palm trees, gardens and formal lawns.

Other attractions include Astronomical Clock, Piazza Sqaure, Miracle Gardens, Botanical Gardens, Fountain of Neptune, Dancing Fountains, Panoramic Wheel, Alphabetic Tower, etc


Georgia Country Tourist Attractions - Telavi

Telavi in Georgia Country is a historical region offering a fascinating experience to visitors. The place features stunning regions, old-fashioned monasteries and temples, wonderful mountain landscapes and picaresque rivers and valleys.

Gori City

Georgia Country Tourist Attractions - Gori City

The Gori City in Georgia Country is popularly called Josep Vissarionovich Jughashvili’s birthplace, famously known as Stalin. One of must to see places in Gori is Stalin’s Museum.

This city is very rich in its possession of old fortresses and historical wonders. At present, it is a very peaceful and quiet place and is the center of agricultural production in Georgia Country.

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