5 Must To See Attractions of New Orleans

By on May 14, 2015

New Orleans has an abundance of good music, great attractions and great food. You can spend a full one month in this city and experience its rich culture and some its most authentic, enthralling and unique destinations.

Every individual in this city has something to discover everyday. The city is packed with historical sites, art galleries and museums and this is the reason why thousands of tourists visit the city for their vacations.

Top Attractions of New Orleans

Some of the most popular attractions of New Orleans, which you should not miss during your visit include:

French Quarter

Attractions of New Orleans - French Quarter

This is a historical site in New Orleans comprising of more than 100 square blocks of dining, art, entertainment, architectural and shopping treasures.

This is a place where you can come face to face with the tradition of New Orleans by visiting Central Grocery, Mother’s Restaurant, Gumbo Shop and Café Du Monde.

Jackson Square

Attractions of New Orleans - Jackson Square

Jackson square is the main attraction of French Quarter featuring the magnificent statue of Andrew Jackson. The perimeters of this place are fringed with ragtag collection of fortune-tellers and artists.

Ogden Museum Of Southern Art

Attractions of New Orleans - Ogden Museum Of Southern Art

This museum boasts of its attractive collections of photography, ceramics and paintings. The art neighborhood is very close to the museum.

This is a place where one can enjoy local musicians playing soothing music, patrons dancing and people mingling and drinking in the beautiful galleries.

City Park

Attractions of New Orleans - City Park

The City Park in New Orleans stretches from bayou St.John to the Lake Pontchartrain. The park went through a renovation recently and it features new biking and walking paths, great lawns and various beloved attractions like carousel gardens Amusement park and Storyland.

Audubon Zoo

Attractions of New Orleans - Audubon Zoo

The Audubon zoo is one of the best attractions of New Orleans featuring exotic animals. The zoo came into being during the 1900s and has successfully grown into one of the most popular destinations for tourists in New Orleans.

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