5 Must To See Albania Tourist Attractions

By on November 16, 2015

Albania is not a very well-recognized country among travelers although there are a large number of advantages that the travelers can fetch by visiting this country located on the Mediterranean Sea.

It is a paradise that awaits you with some of the most stunning Albania tourist attractions. It is less crowded and much cheaper in comparison to the other holiday destinations which are more popular among people.

People who have this strong desire of experiencing the wild charm and nature of the Mediterranean should definitely visit Albania.

Top Albania Tourist Attractions

Some of the most popular Albania tourist attractions, which you should not miss during your visit have been detailed below:


Albania Tourist Attractions - Berat

Photo Credits: Marie-Hélène Cingal

Berat is an Albanian city located on River Osum. It is also known as the “City Of Two Thousand Steps” or “One Above Another Windows”. The city is filled with many historical buildings with beautiful architecture. And it is also with many museums, mosques and churches. One important monument which you should not miss during visit to Berat is 13th century build Berat Castle.

Albanian Riviera

Albania Tourist Attractions - Albanian Riviera

Photo Credits: wikimedia.org

This is a steep coastline found towards the southwest part of Albania and is highly comparable to Italian Riviera. The Albanian Riviera is less crowded and much quieter in comparison to Italian Riviera. The beaches here invite the visitors to go sunbathing and swimming.


Albania Tourist Attractions - Apollonia

Photo Credits: red-chuck

Apollonia is one of the popular Albania tourist attractions. This city is basically the ruins of the ancient Greek city, which was named after God Apollon. This city used to be the most important and the biggest city in the ancient world. Theatres, temples and libraries are some of the most important places to visit in this city.


Albania Tourist Attractions - Tirana

Photo Credits: Rick & Irene Butler

Tirana is the capital city of Albania and is just the ideal place to be used as a base for exploring the entire country. Tirana is a largest city in Albania, which is full of many historic landmarks. Some of the must to see places in Tirana are Tirana Castle, Petrele casle, Ethem Bey Mosque, Skanderbeg Square, National Arts Gallery, Dajti Mountain, Tirana Mosiac, etc.


Albania Tourist Attractions - Gjirokastra

Photo Credits: kathrynbullock

This is a historic town that is quite picturesque and is located in the southern part of Albania. It stands in the form of an Albanian eagle which is perched on mountain side with a mighty citadel on its head. This city has gained the status of Museum City and listed in UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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