5 Must See Cuba Tourist Sites

By on January 6, 2015

Cuba is one place which addresses the imagination of many people and this is because of the ubiquitous history of this place. This is a beautiful island having lots to offer to its visitors.

When you think of this island, you will probably envisage the rich history, stunning beauty and revolutionary past of this place.

Top Cuba Tourist Sites

Some of the most famous Cuba Tourist Sites, which you cannot afford to miss include:


Cuba Tourist Sites - Varadero

Varadero is the most famous of all Cuba Tourist Sites because it has an abundance of private resorts, hotels and villas along with clear waters and unspoilt beaches.

Varadero houses the oldest tourist destination in Cuba, Bellamar Caves with its inception in 1860. This place is worth a visit in order to come face to face with the rich historical past of Cuba.


Cuba Tourist Sites - Trinidad

Trinidad along with the Valley do los Ingenious has remained on the World Heritage Sites list of UNESCO since the year 1988. The reason behind this is the fact that Trinidad offers the sight of breathtaking rainbows and calm beaches.


Cuba Tourist Sites - Camaguey

Camaguey is a wonderful place and a must-see Cuba attraction. It serves as the historic destination for the visitors in the city and it also features on the list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.

Santiago de Cuba

Cuba Tourist Sites - Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is Cuba’s second largest city and it is positioned on the southern border of Cuba. This is a wonderful tourist destination in Cuba because of its royal and rich historic past and wealthy heritage. The city is not only romantic but also cultural and its joyous fervor is quite impressive during July.

Zapata Peninsula

Cuba Tourist Sites - Zapata Peninsula

Bahia de Cochinos, the place where Bay of Pigs invasion occurred is the most popular place in Zapata Peninsula. The peninsula also features a very massive biosphere reserve. Visitors should have enough time in hand to explore the wildlife and nature at Zapata Peninsula.

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