5 Most Luxurious Cruise Ships in the World

By on October 29, 2013

Cruise ships are reputed for their unique personalities. Here are some of the most luxurious cruise ships that suit your vacation style.

SilverSea Cruise Line

It is built in 2009. Silversea is one of the best luxury cruise lines which consist of six ships with Bulgari bath products, ocean view suits, butler service and Egyptian cotton linens each.

The smaller boats will be open to silver sea. Vocational destinations are covered worldwide from Mediterranean Sea to Africa.

Luxurious Cruise Ships - SilverSea Cruise Line

Silver sea will give you casual toned ship life. It has luxurious accommodations with suits which have verandas and classy interiors too. It provides a polished, friendly and skilled service. You can find many dining options in 11 distinct venues.

It can fit up to 500 passengers. Its spirit is spiffy and young. It usually covers almost all on board expenses like alcoholic beverages, trips and more.

Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn cruise ship ranks as the world’s luxury and finest cruise ship lines that features small high end ships which cater to cultured and experienced travelers.

Luxurious Cruise Ships - Seabourn Cruise Line

All the cabins are suits and the luxury facilities include gourmet meals, airfare, on board equipment lectures and drinks which add up more excitement to your vocational experience.

Due to its small size,seaborne can sail or travel to frequent exotic locales such as Argentina, Phuket, Chile and Mumbai. This all inclusive and luxury trip includes on-deck massage.

Paul Gauguin Cruises

It could become your favorite ship when you sails it. It is built in 2011 and it has excellent shape. The crew is knowledgeable as a whole about French Polynesia and Society Islands.

Luxurious Cruise Ships - Paul Gauguin Cruises

It also provides lectures of Mark Eddowes who is expert in Polynesian anthropology. He discusses spinner whales, dolphins and marine mammals.

The cruise ship offers luxurious suits and cabins spacious balconies. You can definitely enjoy the balcony while sailing this beautiful, glorious corner of globe.

Luxurious Cruise Ships – Crystal Cruises

Crystal cruises is one of the best in cruise industry which is luxurious and reputed for its polished service. It also has stunning interiors with interesting itineraries. Its fares include gratuities and beverages, enrichment dining, specialty dining, fitness classes and self-service laundry.

Luxurious Cruise Ships - Crystal Cruises

Crystal cruise serenity visits regularly around northern Europe, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia.

Crystal cruise also offers perfect dining choice which gives passengers a chance for dining reservation and select classic menu.

Regent Seven Seas Cruise

Regent seven cruise ship was built in 2001 and reputed for, its the first all suit all balcony ship in the cruise industry. It is also known for its special deals offering two for one fare.

Luxurious Cruise Ships - Regent Seven Seas Cruise

Standard fares deal includes gratitude’s, airfare, meals and open bar. Inclusive fares include,including 24-hour room service, gamut and unlimited excursions and penthouses butler service. Excursions are highlights of cruise.

Regent seven cruises offers unique trips of onshore such as elephant trekking in a Thai jungle, travel to Egypt’s Karnack, watching Barcelona flamenco show and Luxor temples.

Sailing in Regent gives you the experience of the transatlantic crossings and itineraries in South America and Mediterranean Sea.

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